(can't work out how to seperate the versus, so bare with me. new verses will start with CAPITALS)

The girl who cried a thousand tears

There was once a little girl

Who sat in her castle

Too high,

And she thought about life

And let herself cry,

But the tears fell far

And flooded the lake

Which leaked through the cement

And began to dissipate.

But still she cried

As the walls began to crumble

The solid institution

Beginning to tumble


AND the lake still rose

Capturing the tears

Rising higher and higher

Drowning the fears.

And as she looked down

At the swirling waters below

The castle tipped forward

But still the tears flowed.


THE water rose beneath her

Wild and red,

And from the middle

Rose a cold, scaly head.

As the jaws opened wide

She was sucked inside

And was quiet surprised

That she wasn't dead.


AND as the large creature

Skulked back under the surface

She examined its insides

And the structural features.

As she probed at the stomach walls

Feeling the articulated lining

She realised what it was

That she had been pining.


AS she was slowly digested

Through the intestines she floated

She imagined herself

A professional, white coated

A doctor perhaps, she suggested.


HOWEVER, how could it ever be?

She was stuck inside a creature

At the bottom of the sea.


BUT with a pressured sigh

The creature staggered

And she was swept backwards

All livid and haggard

And as it braced

For a grateful release

She was bubbled

With a distorted 'peep'

Back into the sea.


THE creature by now

Having released some gas

Had followed the trail

Of a sickly Bass

And without another thought

For the girl he'd left behind

He set up a table

And happily dined

On the sickly fish he had just caught.


NOW quite bedraggled

Disorientated and wet

She swam towards the surface

But got tangled instead,

By her foot and her leg

In a Fishermans net.


BEFORE she could untangle

Herself from the net

The fisherman pulled up

And up she went

Facing the men before her

With a wailing lament.

AND they did release her

As fast as they could

Dropped her on shore

With a pile of wood.

THE 'shore' it seemed

Was hardly that

But rather an island

With large yellow cats,

And instead of swimming

Back after the boat

She built herself a castle

And dug herself a moat.


THERE once was a little girl

Who cried a thousand tears

Trapped in a castle

For many many years

She wished to be a doctor

To cure great diseases

To administer injections

And apply adhesives.


BUT instead she cried a thousand tears

Locked away from any fears,

Trapped inside her construction.

But no one could save her

No-one ever tried

Instead the little girl waited

Until she eventually died.