The Cyberverse

The Cyberverse. It was the only means of interplanetary communication. It was a network of anti-matter tunnels the size of hairs between the worlds. Through them, information could be sent. There were untold thousands, maybe millions of worlds all across the Milky Way and it would be inconceivable for a galactic human society to be run without the Cyberverse. Communications would be beyond impossible because of the distance between the planets.

Since the war with the robots had begun, one year ago, things had changed. Now, one thousand planets were occupied by the robotic swarm that surged forth from the edge of the galaxy. For a whole year they had been teleporting into the atmosphere of innocent planets with impunity, how they did so was a mystery. Now though, humanity had an answer: the robots had been using the Cyberverse.

"It would appear that the robots found a way to compress themselves into the anti-matter tunnels of the Cyberverse. This would mean trillions of tones of metal in one micron of non-matter. Using some unknown science they were able to, quite literally, fax themselves to an outlet of the Cyberverse, in this case, the atmosphere of a planet. As long as the Cyberverse exists, they will be able to use it against us. As long as interplanetary communication exists there will always be no way to stop the Blackout Sphere from expanding". The one option that remained was simple: the Cyberverse must be taken down.

It was a difficult decision to make but as planets continued to fall it became apparent that as long as the robots could teleport themselves into the atmosphere of a planet and strike in a heartbeat, there would be no stopping them. So the decision was made.

Before the Cyberverse was destroyed a single request was made. The galaxy would watch a single robotic invasion carried out. It would provide the worlds with all they needed to know before the lights went out.

A single planet on the edge of the Blackout Sphere was elected to be the battlefield: Hosticius 3. The planets around it were severed from the Cyberverse thus forcing the robots to advance on it conventionally. They did not teleport in, in complete battle formation, already surrounding the planet, but made a slow advance across the gulf of space. Satellite images showed a fleet of over twelve thousand carriers coming in. The pilots were scrambled…