It was raining

Prologue: Introducing the Lamb.

It was raining.

And I was running.

I was running so fast, looking over my shoulder a few times, but my vision was blurred through the dizzying heavy downpour.

My breathing was ragged, and I could feel my chest constricting. Pain, so much pain.

I had to make it stop.

I ran as far as I could go, and then, eventually, my legs gave out, me being the unfit, unathletic person I am.

I looked up and looked at my surroundings, I could make out a railing and…

I took off my glasses and wiped the frames with the hem of my shirt and put them back on. It was a little easier to see, I'll manage.

I was at our spot. The cliff, the railing, overlooking the entire city. I took a deep breath, getting to my feet. I knew what I had to do to make the pain stop.

I gripped the railing. Looking down and swallowing the lump in my throat.

Damn Vertigo.

I began to climb onto the railing, the screeching of tires sped me up.

"Amaryllis!" I heard him yell.

He was too late.


I climbed over the railing.


And jumped.

I woke up with a start, my hair sticking to my scalp and my skin cold with sweat.

This strange recurring nightmare had to find another guy to bug because Amaryllis Lefferty is no dream's plaything.

Let me back up a minute and introduce myself like people usually do at the beginning of stories.

Silly, Ryl, you have to know the ABCs of these things.

I could almost slap myself.

Hint the almost.

My name is Amaryllis Michael Lefferty.

My mum is a Garden obsessed freak and named me after her favourite flower, which just so happens to be a girl's given name; I have four sisters, Lily, Rosalie, Holly and Heather, and am the eldest out of five. My dad's a hot shot business man and is usually out of town.

I have the one amazing best friend, and he happened to have the most common name on the planet, James Smith.

But hey, not everyone could have a damn awesome name.

So Jamie and I met back in the first grade when I moved here from England. I was known as the weird foreign kid, and nobody came near me as if I had some contagious disease or had brought the bird flu with me from England. But he came and sat down with me anyway, and gave me the 101 on every kid in our class.

I am what you would call a Closet writer, I don't like to broadcast my thoughts, but the strange events of the past year encouraged me to write this.

Writing's not the only thing I keep in the closet, and I have a bit of a problem…

Cliché's tied me to a chair and made me fall in love with my best friend.


So that's the prologue. I should have the chapter posted up in no time. This story's my baby. –hugs it to death- Read, don't have to review, but tell me what you think and point out anything that could be fixed.