The Tips to Becoming a Successful Writer

The Tips to Successfully Grasping Everyone's Attention.

Ooh, that got your attention.

In summaries:-

Don't state when you wrote it.


This is just a story I wrote when I was six years old.

Unfortunately, most people would think that a story written by a six year old is too futile to be bothered with and would rather go read something more advanced.

Do not disencourage people from reading your stories.


This is really stupid, the writing's really bad, I'm a bad author, read at your own peril.

That's possibly one of the biggest no-nos ever. Are you trying to get readers or lose them? Make up your mind!

A piece of literature is not the equivalent to a chat room.


This story is bout a girl who lyks dis boy bt he dsnt kno she exists. Nt 2 mention the probs she has w/dif. People and how they see her.

Nobody would want to read a story that has bad grammatical errors. It could, quite possibly, have good plot and all, but I'm afraid if you're going to leetspeak through it all, you aren't going to earn yourself a lot of fans. And if your run out of space? Summarise the summary, or do as such:

This story is about a girl who likes this boy very much, but he doesn't know she exists, not to mention the problems she…Full summary inside.

A lot of writers do that, and a lot of people go inside to read the summary there.

In documents.

Grammar, people, it's sort of a required skill.

This section is similar to section 'c' of 'In summaries', so I'm not going to be redundant and say the same thing all over again, I'm just going to add the possible solution to this: Get a Beta/Editor. You won't make as much mistakes and—even better—you'll learn from them.

Stop it with the Cliches. Get creative!

Cliché no. 1:- Girl meets boy, boy tries to get the girl, but it turns out it was all just a bet.—'She's all that' much?

Cliché no. 2:- The wallflower or the fat girl of the school gets a makeover and gets the hottest guy she's been pining after for ages.—Give me a break, seen that, read that, hoped to never read it again.

Cliché no. 3:- Best friends in love with each other, boy dates another girl to make her jealous.Please get original with this one. While I love the whole Best friend thing, it needs a little…smoothening up.

Cliché no. 4:- Two people get together to make someone jealous, but end up falling for each other—Again, I've seen this a lot, but I happen to like this cliché the best. The only problem with this one is the characters are usually the same type, like I'd like to see the popular girl get with the unpopular guy for once, and not the other way round.

Cliché no. 5:- Two people of different social groups, the prep and the punk fall in love—I hate stereotypes, with a passion, and seeing this again, and again, and again pisses me off.

Cliché no. 6—Girl hates boy, boy pretends to hate girl but secretly loves her, boy kisses girl, girl gets confused then suddenly…loves boy?—Let's be realistic, you don't fall in love in the span of five seconds. So I hate oneshots of this cliché, but I do like the chapter stories, because there's a development of the relationship.

I'm sure I've left out a cliché or two, but that's all I can bear to write for now. There's nothing wrongwith writing a cliché. But you don't always fall for the obvious, and somehow still the 'last person you thought you'd fall for'. I think people should switch it around, it's sad seeing threads and threads of the same old redundant things.

I don't think I've ever met a total squad filled with mean cheerleaders or dumb jocks for that matter

Stereotypes aren't attractive, how would you like it if Brunettes were dumb and Blondes were the clever classy ones? An element of realistic fiction and some fantasy is to be as realistic and convincing as possible. You need to hook the readers in, and make them believe it could happen, make them live through that precious experience.


That's entry one of Pet Peeves of a Teenaged Hypochondriac.