Entry #2: On Music, Microsoft, and Other Random Things.

It's kind of weird how people classify you prior to the way you look then assume you act a certain way. How you look and how you act are two majorly different things, on the verge of becoming polar opposites different. I don't see how finding something decent in a certain store would make you prep or a punk. Punks do exist, but seeing there's hardly any real punk music out there, I'm starting to find that hard to believe. Let's face it, these foax 'punk' bands can't live up to the legends. Granted there are a few good bands nowadays, but honestly, I fall to see how Avril Lavigne and Fall Out Boy even come near to punk. I hate it when people scroll through your iPod, find Good Charlotte and say, "Oh my god, I love punk."

"Dude...that's not punk." And then they'd roll their eyes and go 'Whatever', then kind of say, "What the hell's the Sex Pistols?" Another thing I hate is MS word. You have no idea how many red lines there are on this page, and green lines too, it pisses me off, I can't see a single turquoise line. I love turquoise; it's like my favourite colour. I would write this all in turquoise but no fictionpress has to be all monochromatic with the pretty red heading and blue for the links. But I'm not complaining, nu uh, I should be fine with what I have, you should be sad though, that you can't see the brilliant turquoise font. (Even though you probably have the same option on your computer).

Did you know that Trix cereal is anti-cancerous and anti-oxidant in the test tube but cancerous and pro-oxidant when mixed with food? What's up with that? And they feed it to us anyway? Pfft. Slags.

Also, I heard they wanted to raise Sesame St.'s rating to PG. And why? Because Oscar's "too grumpy" he might be a bad influence, and the Cookie Monster doesn't eat his vegetables! Gasp! Hello people, he's called the Cookie Monster, not the Carrot Monster. "C is for Carrot!"—Doesn't sound right, no, doesn't sound right at all. And he was also spotted smoking a—shock!—Cookie pipe.

Sugarcoating their childhood won't prepare them for the real world. When I was a kid, the Cookie Monster ate cookies and wasn't health conscious. I'm sure when they grow up, reality will hit them like a punch in the mouth and it won't be pretty.

You know when something's wrong with you—like a toothache—they take to the dentist's and he tells you he's going to have to give you a shot and then he says the dread line, "Don't worry, it won't hurt."

LIES. It does hurt! It hurts a lot!

And I hate children's books with all the pictures where everyone's smiling and so happy. I mean, I couldn't stand watching Barney when I was a kid, it was like a bad overdose of something too sweet. The only thing that kept me sane was 'Winnie the Pooh', I swear, and that's only because the characters are capable of feeling emotions besides: Love, happiness, excitement and joy. Eeyore was probably one of my favourite characters of all time—I'm serious.

And to top this all off, I despise Disney movies, with a passion, the new ones, that is, and most of their new shows. Kim Possible, for example, while I never liked it, used to be an example that a boy and girl could be friends and then—bam!—it hits you like a ton of bricks, Possible and Stoppable are dating. And all those stupid shows with the dating and the drama and the eugh. That's not what Disney's about. I miss the oldies, like Hercules and shit.

You know what I do like? Dental floss. Especially the flavoured ones, they're so useful, do you know how much bacteria accumulates in your mouth between breakfast and lunch? Not a pretty amount, I tell you.

In the next entry:- Of Sodapop and Cheap Candy!