I never planned this

I never planned to fall in love

To ache every time I was not near you

To only be happy when I was with you

It was not planned

I never wanted to fall; especially not with you

You, who doesn't love

And now, you're standing there

Right there

Confusion on your face

Disbelief in your eyes

And I'm standing here

Feeling so afraid

And yet, so ready

I'm holding a knife to my throat

I can't live without you

I can't live with you

I have no reason to live

I have no reason not to live

I don't want to be a parasite

Living off your love and only that

I don't want to be dependent on you

But I don't want to be independent either

You're yelling at me now

Telling me to put down the knife

That everything is going to be all right

That's a lie

You're yelling that I can't die

Why should I die now?

What is the reason?

What am I doing?

What am I thinking?

I'm screaming back at you

Why do you care anyway?

You don't love me

You never have

I've given you my every being

But you don't even care

And now you're shouting that you love me

That you always have

That you always will

That you can't live without me

You're lying again

I scream at you to prove it

I know you can't

Because you don't

Because you never have

Because you never will

You're yelling at me to tell you how

As the wind screams around you

As the rain is beating upon your face

And I'm refusing to answer you

Because there is no way

And so you shout from the rooftop

To the ever-growing crowd down below

Of people that matter

And people that don't

That you love me


That you always have

That you always will

And you've proven yourself, against the impossible

That you really do love me

You've thrown away that hard earned bad boy image

You've showed the world that you, you can love

And now I'm free from this pain

Of not knowing

Of not living

And I can die

The tears are running down my face

And I whisper a silent goodbye

And as the cool blade slices across my throat

I whisper that I love you too

Death is coming swiftly now

He's riding in on his midnight horse

And he takes my soul away

Away from the world

Away from you

And I'll miss you, my tarnished knight

My only light that I had in this world

And as my last glimpses of you slip away

I know that it's okay

And I allow myself to fall away

Into Death's awaiting arms

Because everything is finally okay

A/N: Thanks for reading!

Your constantly-changing writer,

Riley Hunter