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"Fools", said I, "You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows!"



The sun was low in the sky, tinting the high clouds in the west, the translucent cirro-cumulus and the wispy cirrus it was tearing into a soft, warm red. The light was warm as it washed thickly over the country-side, the rural community of Manetoa, a mere dot in the vast flat prairie-land.

The town was laid out on a grid of a highway that connected county roads that in turn broke into smaller, thinner farming roads. It was on one of these unpaved dirt and gravel roads that a teenaged girl with an plain black eye-patch was hopping down in a most annoyingly enthusiastic way.

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"It's a lovely da-ay!"

Dressed in a brand-new set of clothes brought on sale at the local Wal-Mart, Gordy reached behind her head to twist her dark hair into a small bun as she stalked excitedly down the dirt road, labeled on the post office maps as HC, short for Highway Carrier, 89, a definite skip in her step. "I'm goin' to the chapel and I'm gonna get fe-e-e-ed! Goin' to the chapel and I'm gonna get fe-e-e-ed! I wonder what it is... Ooh, I really hope it's steak!" Rounding the bend, she saw her destination paused to put her sandals back on.

Before her was a simple dirt driveway that cut off from the main road, ending vaguely half-way to the white-washed house, the rest of it covered by a yellow-green green. "And here we are!" With a bright, cheery grin, she hopped and skipped over to the front porch and lightly tapped on the from of the screen door, hands clasped behind her back as she waited expectantly, one hand absently reaching down to soothe the long skirt she wore.

"Ricky!" came Sonya's distinct voice from inside the house. "Answer the door!"

The door opened only a moment later, Ricky standing in the doorway, wearing a frilly apron, pink with stitched tulips lining the collar, with his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He blushed heavily at the sight of her, perhaps either because of her, or because of the apron. He hurried to grab some note-cards off the table near the doorway, holding them out for her to take while he bashfully scurried back into the kitchen. The handwriting was neater than his usual one, as he had taken a lot of care in writing them beforehand.

"Welcome to my house! Please make yourself comfortable. Sonya will probably be in the living room. I'll be in the kitchen cooking. Don't mind Sasha, she's our dog! She's nice, she doesn't bite, but she licks a lot. My oldest brother Jerry is usually upstairs working but he might come down. If you don't like jambalaya, please tell me and I'll make you something else. We're having pumpkin pie for dessert. I can make something else though."

A bark came from in front of her, where a large but lean, well-brushed collie stood a few feet away, his ears perked and alert. She took a few cautious steps forward and stopped, waiting to see if Gordy was friend or foe.

"Oh! You are so adorable! You in your apron and your cards... You have such awesome hand-writing." The girl continued to talk earnestly as she bent down, hand out-stretched. "And I love jambalaya. My cousin's a real Cajun, she lives outside Lake Charles, so they always bring stuff over when they visit. She makes the bestest black-beans and rice ever. Totally the best." She giggled when the dog accepted her readily enough with over-enthusiastic slobbers.

Ricky glanced over in between checking on the different things he was cooking, smiling at the sight of Sasha happily licking at Gordy's face.

"Go-ordy!" Sonya cooed from the doorway into the living room. She stood fairly tall for a woman, especially being barefoot, and if it weren't for her sticky-sweet, recognizable voice, it'd be near impossible to tell that she was Ricky's mother. She had ruddy-brown hair down to her shoulders that was styled in Shirley Temple curls; sharp, fiercely blue eyes; and a mischievous grin. "Come on, Sasha, leave our guest alone." She lifted up the book, which was thick and blue with white polka dots all over, to draw Gordy's attention to it. The cover of it had the self-explanatory words written in neat cursive on it: Baby Ricky. "She and I have some mother-in-law-to-be, daughter-in-law-to-be bonding to do."

The dog was readily dumped in favor of pictures. "Oh, I love your dress! It's so sunny and dressy!" She padded over easily and peeked at the first page, gasping in awe at a small plump baby staring wide-eyed at the camera, caught in the middle of jabbing a stick in his mouth. "Ooh! He's so small and obviously contrived to charm!" There was a pause when she pulled back with a frown. "That didn't sound near as good as it looked in the thesaurus."

Sonya grinned knowingly as the two moved over to the couch to sit. "There aren't enough words for 'cute' and 'adorable' are there?" She gave a heavy sigh, looking over at the family portrait. "I've got three other sons, and none of them are 'cute' like him... oh, they're my handsome boys, but they're just not..." There was a thoughtful pause before she looked at Gordy. "... oh, you know what I mean. That kind of, "little boy sugar-sweet gonna-eat-him-up" thing." The grin returned.

Gordy twisted her mouth as she looked up in thought. "Handsome is good... though, if they start out cute, then they're bound to be super-good looking." She returned Sonya's grin. "It's always good to catch them early like this."

"Oh, god." She flipped through the book and pointed at a picture of Ricky as a toddler dressed in only a pair of overalls, his red hair frizzled and eyes wide with endless curiosity, his hands outstretched to show off a frog he had caught. "He thought this frog was the coolest thing, so he hopped around the house for a few days and puffing out his cheeks." She smiled fondly. "It was so cute. He even took one of our green beach towels and tried to sit on it in the little plastic pool we had in the backyard..."

There was a squeal of glee at this, and the girl clutched it to her face and get a better, closer look. "Totally lovable!" She stared at it blankly. "I did that too, when I was little, but there aren't any pictures of it... I'd found a garter snake in the barn, and decided I was going to be a snake... Dad allowed it until I bit him on the ankle..." She laughed lowly. "That was one long week, that was..."

Sonya laughed and flipped to another page, explaining the story. Behind them, a tall man sauntered into the room, his curly red hair kept out of his face by a black headband. He grinned widely at the sight of Gordy, someone new, and especially, a girl. He hopped over the couch to sit beside Gordy. "Heyyy- And who might this be?" His grin widened, giving him a somewhat boyish look, though he seemed to be around 18 or so. "I'm Jerry. What's up?"

Sonya stared at the boy in disbeleif, before she reached over and thunked him on the head with the book. "Hey, there! This is the girl I told you about!"

His grin faded into a frown. "No way! Ricky landed a cutie?" He sighed and leaned back into the couch. "Damn, that's not fair." He paused, then looked at her with a grin. "But if you decide to change your mind..."

Gordy laughed merrily and slammed her hand on his back. Hard. Very hard. The sound of his spine popping merrily was readily audible. "You're so funny! As if I'd give up my little sweet baboo that easily!" She paused to adjust her eye patch, making sure it, as well as the plastic implement in her eye socket, hadn't been shifted in the jerky movement.

Jerry smiled and stood, absently rubbing his back. He noticed Ricky standing at the doorway with a light frown, to which he gave a nervous grin. "Hey there, little bro!" When Ricky's hands went into a flurry of signs, he paused. "H-hey... aw, come on!" He frowned and began to sign back, the two of them silent as they argued with their hands.

Sonya giggled and nudged Gordy in the side with her elbow, "Wanna know what they're saying?" she whispered so that only Gordy could hear her.

"Mm?" Gordy looked at the two for a long moment before giving in, albeit reluctantly. "I am a bit curious, but I don't want to intrude..."

Sonya shrugged. "It's no different than listening to people fighting aloud." She looked over at Jerry and Ricky. "Jerry's apologizing, Ricky wants to know what Jerry means by you changing your mind..." She raised one eyebrow. "Ohh, this is getting interesting." She turned completely, leaning against the back of the couch to watch the two. "Jerry!" she yelled, interrupting the argument. "Don't you fill his head with stuff like that! You're talking about my son and daughter-in-law-to-be's future here!"

Ricky flushed and turned his head, while Jerry looked between the two. "Huh? They're getting married?"

Sonya nodded matter-of-factly. "Of course." She grinned down at Gordy. "Isn't that right?"

Suddenly gaining a luminous, feminine glow that she didn't previously have, Gordy clasped her face with her hands and blushed demurely. "Well, I don't force anything..."

Jerry sighed and scuffed the ground with his foot while Ricky tried to keep from blushing heavily (and failing despite his attempts). He walked out of the room to return to cooking in the kitchen, at which point Jerry lifted his head. "So how did you two meet?" Sonya perked up and grinned with heightened curiosity.

"Yeah, tell! Was it love at first sight? Who approached who?"

"Well, you see, I had just gotten into the clinic to get started on my new glass eye, and then I saw him!" She outstretched her arms in a grand gesture. "He was surrounded by all sorts of unsavory people trying to extort and violate him! Well, I couldn't just let him be endangered like that! I had to do something, so using my seeing can as a boomerang, I knocked all of the dastardly villains out cold, and swept Ricky off his feet and we rode together out into the sunset. We stopped for ice cream somewhere in there, too."

Sonya clapped happily, while Jerry looked just a little confused. "Wah! That's wonderful!" She embraced Gordy. "You really do look after my little boy! You even had the phone call figured out, and now I find out you saved him from danger..." She sighed and flopped back to lean into the couch. "Here I thought he'd never get someone, and he goes and gets a Gordy. It makes a mother proud, it does."

"Well, I do hope that I can make him happy..." She flashed Ricky a thumbs up.

Ricky flushed and tried to pretend that he hadn't been eavesdropping from the doorway, but when he realized that was a futile effort, he looked over and offered a small smile. Sonya looked up and he signed a few words, at which she exclaimed, "Wah-! Supper's ready!" She jumped up to her feet. "Come on, Gordy! It's time to put your husband-to-be's skills to the taste test!"

The girl raised a fist in the air. "I am ready to partake!" She wafted into the other room, hands trailing behind her. "Mmm... It's smells good and meaty... Where should I sit?"

Sonya patted the seat beside hers. "Between Ricky and me, of course!" She grinned as Ricky, his face still bright red, served them each their plate before he sat down, Jerry sitting across the table. Jerry paused, looking at the two side-by-side, then grinned.

"All right, I get it now. You two are pretty cute together." He raised his hands in defeat. "She's all yours, little bro."

Ricky's blush only worsened and he shifted some in his seat, practically squirming out of nervousness, and tried to distract himself by taking a bite.

Gordy squirmed in her seat. "See? We've got their blessing, so we'll be just fine."

Supper went on well, conversation stilted in no ways. As soon as the majority were finished, Gordy pushed her chair back. "Mama Audley, I'd like to see the farm. Mind if Ricky shows me 'round?"

Sonya looked at the tomboy with complete adoration. "I was just going to suggest that..." She grinned. "This is just getting better and better. Go on, you two!"

Ricky made sure he had his pad and pencil with him before they left the house. Once they were outside, he wrote, "What would you like to see?"

Gordy smiled, squinting at the paper in the fading light. "Oh, whatever, really. I just wanted to get out and talk. Mainly about us and all." She raised a finger before he sound say anything. "No, don't say anything. Let me talk." Clasping both hands behind her, she strode forward as she began.

"I didn't mean to totally drag you in like that... I mean, I didn't mean to drag you into all this marriage and future stuff like that. I just got into it with your mom, who's really nice by the way, and couldn't get myself to stop." She laughed lightly at the thought. "I've never been good at telling when I should just zip my lip. I know that there's a good three-four year gap between us, and you're way more mature than me, but... I'd like to at least be friends. Just don't want to force you into anything or something like that."

Ricky looked up at her with his brow furrowed, an unreadable look on his face. Slowly, he dropped his head and stared at the paper for a silent moment or two, then wrote just as slowly as the rest of his movements, "So, then..." He drew a few more thoughtful dots. Jerry had warned him about the 'let's just be friends' excuse. He frowned at hte pencil. But he hadn't expected trouble to sprout up so soon... They'd only been dating for a day, if that long!

She pulled him to her, wrapped her arms over his shoulder and resting her chin on the top of his head. She took in a deep breath and let it out again. "I'd like to get to know you first, atleast. I just get tired of being the handicapped girl, even though I single-handedly made the high school football team. But they didn't let me play, so I quit. They were a bunch of sore losers. Just because I handed them their asses on a platter. Losers." She paused before restarting. "But I digress... Anyway, so I thought you'd be a cute friend who'd understand about being singled out like that or something... I know I'm overbearing... I guess what I'm trying to say is that tell me when I get too much, and I'll stop."

Ricky closed his eyes, doing his best to remember what Jerry had said. 'Sure, they'll say they want to be friends and things will go back they way they were, but they'll end up ditchin' you the second they get the chance.' He chewed on his lower lip. He hadn't had a friend in years. Was she really going to ditch him like Jerry had said? He pulled back and scribbled in shaky, uncertain handwriting, "Does this mean you're breaking up with me?" He kept his head bowed, not really sure he wanted to see her expression, adding, "What did I do wrong?"

Gordy frowned and lightly punched his shoulder. "I didn't say that, stupid. I just mean I don't mean to force you into something, and I tend to get dramatic about crap all the time, is all. So just say so when I get overbearing. You should really listen to people when they're talking and not jump to conclusions half way through, you know."

Ricky had three older brothers, and was unable to cry out 'Mo-om!'... He was used to punching and the other regular abuse that abounds with having siblings. He looked up at her with further confusion and wrote, "But Jerry told me that when a girl says she just wants to be friends, that means she hates you..."

"Oh, please." She scoffed. "Your brother's a dork. If I hated you, then I'd've done lots of things already. Like the boulder maneuver." She laughed lowly. "That one's fun.. I'll have to show you sometime..."

Ricky's expression lit up and he nearly dropped his pen in his hurry to wrap his arms around her in a cheerful embrace, then pulled back and quickly scribbled, "I was really worried! You're the only friend I have right now, and even with Jerry and Mom, it gets really lonely." He smiled happily. "I don't mind all the marriage talk. But you don't want to marry me, I don't think."

Gordy flushed and grinned more than a little pervertedly. "If you keep at this, I might make you... You're just a total sweetie. Oh, screw it." She wrapped both arms around him and cuddled. "I don't care if I'm treading on dangerous, borderline illegal shota-con! I'm going to make you mine!"

Ricky didn't resist the cuddling, though he blushed furiously, and lifted up the pad for her to see after he wrote, "What is shota-con?"

There was a long, drawn out laugh. "I'll tell you when you're older. Come on. I need to get home before Daddy comes over with a shot-gun to protect my honor."

Ricky scuffed his foot some thoughtfully while he gave an absent nod. His face lit up and he turned the pad out of her view to scribble something in secret, then tore out the sheet and folded it up. He handed the secret note to her and wrote on another sheet, "Open that when you get home, but no sooner! Okay?"

Gordy laughed and nodded. "I wouldn't be able to read it in this light anyway." Pushing a fallen strand of hair behind her ear, she bent down on a knee and took one of Ricky's hands in hers and kissed it, much like a knight to his princess. "Sleep well..." Flashing a final grin and a wave she was off, sandals held up high in the air as she walked down the road.

Behind her, Ricky sagged a bit against the porch post, quite red in the face. From the open doorway, Sonya shook her head and admonished him for not walking her home before pestering for details of what had happened on their walk.

"You alright?"

Gordy looked up at her father, who loomed in the doorway and grinned. "Oh, fine, fine. Just tired." She flopped her head back onto her pillow, feet alive and kicking in the air.

"How is the, um, that?" He gestured jerkily to his eye.

"What? Oh. Oh! That." she shrugged. "It's fine. Just have to deal with it for a few weeks until the real one gets finished and put in. Easy-peasy." She moved her hands to rest under the pillow, her fingers playing with the letter Ricky had given her.

He slowly nodded. "Good. Er, good night."


As soon as the door was shut, the girl yanked the paper so she could see it clearly.

"People used to pick on me a lot. No one reads sign language at my school... they used to think I was retarded when I started to tell them my name, and they'd mock me by waving and moving their hands back at me. I do understand how it feels to be singled out, like you don't belong. I'm really glad that we met. It's like now we belong to something, even if it's just the two of us...

A few things about me: I like to draw, Sasha is my favorite animal, and my favorite color is rainbow."

In smaller, almost unnoticeable font at the bottom, it said: "p.s. I like you. When can we go on our next date?"

End for Now(?)

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