My favorite colour

My favorite colour

My favorite color is purple with sparkles. Purples with sparkles is my favorite color. My favorite color is sparkles with purple. Sparkles with purple is my favorite color. However you wish to phrase it. I'm aware that's an odd favorite color, but hey, what can I say, I'm odd! Can you tell?

So why purple?


Hold on I think I can explain that better, just give me a moment to think….

Okay, I think I've got it! Purple is a combination of BLUE and RED, and while blue represents sadness and red symbolizes anger, purple is a happy color. So you get, sadness and anger and still you get happiness.

Okay so that was cheesy and completely untrue, but it was the best I had, and the honest to goodness truth is that I don't exactly know why I like purple, I just do. Apart from that, I will admit to you that I'm not a fan of light purple. I actually don't have much patience for pastels. They're wishy washy and not very unique, if you want my opinion. I'm aware that it's a wee bit odd that I have issues with a particular brand of color, but as I said before, I'm a wee bit odd. For instance, when observing a sunset or the sunrise, I will admit to you, that it is not the point closest to the sunlight that gives me pleasure, but the darkened shades, so rich you can nearly taste them. Heck, if the sky were purple I can guaranty you that I would in all probability spend my days perched on a stump in the very center of a tree enclosed meadow, just staring upwards towards it.

But I believe that is enough on purple and it's time to examine the sparkles which come from a very different portion of my personality. The sparkles come from my girlie side. The side that should probably like pastels, but doesn't. The sparkles are the part of me that say, "hey, over here, look at me…I like girly things," which I occasionally do…occasionally.

Well actually that's complete crap, it was less honest still then my original explanation for purple! I honestly don't care about my "girly side." Frankly, that explanation was less of my opinion, more other peoples perceptions of my opinion, and I don't set much store by other peoples judgments! So here, is what the sparkles really are. Sparkles are the light in the darkness, the shining star in the nearly black sky, and they are the sparkle in the purple .

So there it is. That is why my favorite color is purple with sparkles. That is why purple with sparkles is my favorite color. That is why sparkles with purple is my favorite color, and last but not least, that is why my favorite color is sparkles with purple.