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I was tired. All I wanted was to sleep. It had been a busy week and I was tired. Some producer had discovered an excellent actress, about my age, and wanted to make a movie. So now I was in a movie. A lot of stuff, paperwork stuff, was buzzing around, there was of course just talk, and then there was the whole show up here and there. Last night, for example I hadn't gotten to bed until two in the morning. Granted part of that time I was thinking about Marian, but I couldn't help it lately. The thought of her helped me relax and I always drifted to sleep when I thought of her voice. It was crazy to think of a person I had just met out of the blue like I had been thinking of her, but I was enjoying this brand of crazy.

I was sleeping. I had dozed off while reading a book and Joe walked into my room.

"Hey, Nick. There's a girl here. She's got paperwork for the movie you're doing." His voice was giving away mischief I didn't like the sound of. I groaned.

"Do I have to go see her? Can she just drop it off?"

"No, come on. Come see her." I didn't move.

"Come on Nick. She would like to see you."

"Did she tell you that, or are you just taking it for granted she does?"

"She didn't tell me, but I know she does!" I groaned again.

"Fine," I said into my pillow, "I'll come down." I could practically feel Joe grinning. He was up to no good. I made my way down the stairs.

"Sorry if I'm not as polite as I should be. I've just bee so tired lately." I held my hand out for whoever it was that I was greeting. I didn't really know since my hand at my forehead partially hid my eyes.

"It's okay," the familiar voice said. It was that voice I had in my head for the past three weeks, the one I fell asleep to. I looked up into her smiling face.

"Marian," I said in happy surprise. I tightened my grip on her hand ever so slightly. I liked holding her hand. She had slender fingers, like a painter's, calloused at the tips like a musician. She was an artist. Her hands gave her away. She was like no other artist I had ever met, but now that I knew a little bit about her, I wanted to know so much more.


I never thought I would smile just by seeing a person, but that's the effect the youngest Jonas was having on me right now. He could make me laugh, he could make me blush, and he was successful in not allowing me to stop smiling. After he revived himself from his surprise he invited me to sit down again and he sat down with me.

"Do you work for the writers or-?"

"Oh no, they're my parents. They're big on the celebrity scene but I don't like to be. I tend to shy away from it. My older sisters weren't much for it either, so they've gotten used to it by now."

"So you're Marian Westhouse? Daughter of Eloise and Frank Westhouse?" I laughed at his formal speech.

"Yeah, that's me. Youngest of three." That was an hour ago. We had been talking for a while now, and I noticed the clock. I stood up.

"My parents are going to be wondering where I am." I sad walking towards the door. "Wait," He took my hand and I stopped.

"Um, do you want to take a walk with me?" he asked. I nodded.

"Sure," I said, "come to think of it, my parents are probably so absorbed in their writing they won't notice how long I'm gone." I didn't know what possessed me to say it, but I regretted it right after it came out of my mouth. I looked quickly down at my shoes and waited for the awkward pause. But all I heard was a sort of breathy chuckle.

"Well, daylight will only last so long," he said, "better head out now." I looked up and saw him smiling encouragingly. I smiled back. He was so intuitive. I was impressed.


Never in my life had I been drawn to someone as much as I was to Marian. It was crazy, and I knew it was crazy, but I still found myself hanging on her every word. Time was flying by so fast I didn't know we had been talking for an hour until I saw her get up to leave.

"My parents are going to be wondering where I am." She said and she started towards the door.

"Wait," I said getting up and grabbing her hand. She turned to face me, looking at me expectantly. Right. I was supposed to have a reason for her to linger for longer.

"Want to take a walk with me?" I asked her.

"Sure," she said, "come to think of it, my parents are probably so absorbed in their writing they won't notice how long I'm gone," just as she said it a sad but shocked sort of expression crossed her face. I cold tell she regretted saying it. She probably didn't even mean it. I mean one wrong word in the movie business and it could twist your life into such a distortion of the truth on the front page of the newspaper. She looked down at her shoes expecting the worst. I didn't like seeing her sad, so I did what she did for me. I laughed. It seemed to work.

"Well, daylight will only last so long," I replied, "better head out now." She smiled at me and it made me feel wonderful. Just wonderful.