"Come on Nick. Let's go. We've got ten minutes to get home and get ready for that premiere for the movie Miley and Selena were in. They invited us to go. We should go." Kevin called to me. I cringed at the names. Two girls who had fawned all over me at one point. They thought that I was like all boys and was completely clueless to the rivalry between them, but they underestimated me. I could tell I was nothing but a piece of meat to them, or something to be won. Of course, they did have good intentions, it was just those bad sides of people come out every once in a while. They didn't mean for it to happen, it just did. they were both great friends of mine. That was the worst part. They used to be good friends, but who knows what happened. Oh wait. That's right, I happened.

"Nick come on!" Kevin pressed. I picked up my pace, noticing for the first time in the long while I had been in a daze that I had been walking extremely slow. I had to get home. As Kevin said before, we had a premiere to go to.


"Marian, are we going to the mall or not?' Mallory called from the hallway. I was slowly but surely getting my shoes on, ready to walk the streets of L.A. for no apparent reason. How exciting. New York was so much better.

"Okay," I said as I met her at the door, "where are we heading?" She looked at me a bit sheepishly. My smile fell and I got into the what-did-you-do-this-time stance.

"what did you do?" I asked nonchalantly, with a somewhat bored tone to my voice.

"well, I kind of asked my cousin to drive us down to the Chinese theatre. There's a premiere there and there is word of the Jonas Brothers coming. I really want to see Joe! Come on, for me?... Please?" she asked hopefully giving me her puppy dog eyes. I sighed. It couldn't be that bad it would be kind of fun to really see a celebrity in their element. The media usually fooled you when it came to how smooth they were. I was sure they were lying.

"fine" I said defeated. She squealed with delight. Jumping up and down, she ran out of the house. I chuckled as I watched her run outside. She was so funny sometimes. I couldn't help feeling like she would be disappointed. I knew what was coming, but this time, I was the one that was sorely mistaken.