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I woke up the next day to a ringing phone. I smiled and answered.

"Good Morning," I answered.

"Good Morning." He said. I could tell he was smiling as he said it, which just made me smile wider.

"So I was thinking of getting up out of bed today, but then I decided, why do that when I can lay here talking to you all day?" I laughed and a genuine smile spread across my features. I could feel the happiness reach my eyes. He knew what to say all the time. It was incredible.

"hmm, funny, I was thinking the same thing," I replied.

"ah, that's excellent news."

"isn't it though?"

"it is. So what are you thinking about right now?"


"what kind of food?"

"Chocolate chip pancakes."

"that sounds really good right now."

"it should. They are delicious."

"you don't have to tell me twice."

'What are you thinking about right now?" I asked.

"well, thanks to you, chocolate chip pancakes." I laughed.

"before that then," I asked again.

"you," he said simply, " I like to think about you."

"You're sweet," I replied.

"please tell me more. I am really starting to like this conversation." I laughed again. I laughed a lot around him.

"So what's the point of this phonecall?" I asked.

"does it need a purpose?" he asked me.

"yes. You can't just talk with no purpose. It doesn't help the plot progress."

"Are you writing a story about me?" he asked teasingly.

"No," I responded smiling, "I'm just saying that pointless talking only gets you so far."

"I guess that makes sense. Fine. I'l lfigure out a purpose by the time this conversation is done."

'okay, good enough for me." I replied.

"so what are you doing besides thinking about wonderful breakfast concoctions?"

"Laying in bed staring at my ceiling where I keep a nice big lifesize picture of Edward Cullen so I can wake up to his face every morning." There was a pause for a few seconds and then laughter erupted from my mouth and from his.

"I am so glad you were joking."

"Not as much as I am. I am the one who would have had to wake up to his face."

"good point."

"Speaking of points, what's the point to this dialogue?" I asked him.

"Well, do you want to do something tomorrow?" I smiled.

"Of course.'

"Excellent." We spent the rest of the day talking, and hen I had to get up for meals and other activities such as a walk, I never hesitated to tesxt him a note. I guess I was finally letting him in. This was new to me, and I wasn't so sure about it, but at the moment, I was really liking it.