Everlasting love

You are the anchor, which pulls me back

Chaining me to my prison for all eternity

You are the anchor, which holds me still

Keeping me grounded, so I do not drift off

I do not know what I would do without you

But I do know what I should do when you are there

I should protect you and care for you

Because you are precious

I should build you up instead of taking you down

I should love you unconditionally

And I do

I honestly do

But I should have tolerance and accept all your ways

For I will not always have you and your love

And that scares me

I need it to wake up in the morning

And to sleep at night

I wish i could tell you, but I fear you may not understand

And I know I'm not the best of sisters

Truly awful I may be

But I love you unconditionally

And even when my body and mind are gone

And my soul no longer remains on the earthy land

My love for you will still be everlasting

Because you have been the best brothers that

You possibly can