October Challenge

Theme is 'he who angers you conquers you'. A and B meet. Can't stand each other (for whichever reason you chose). They end up together (in whichever way you chose). How do they move from nemesis to lovers? You tell me :)


Both main characters must be over the age of 18.

Must use the words: thesaurus, Kaleidoscope, arithmetic, dusky, iridescent and question.

One character must say: "You only said that because right now, you're feeling very small inside!"

MUST BE SLASH (like I need to say this)

At some point in the story, one of the MCs must do something very immature/stupid/embarrassing.


No dates: no characters can go on date, ask someone on a date, mention a date, suggest a date, etc. If you want your characters to meet up somewhere, make it imaginative and completely un-date-like.

No High School romance, unless it involves two teachers. This time around, teens are banned from this challenge.

Let Them Eat Cake.

"And…why are you here again?" my sister asked wearily, staring at me blankly. Her hair—which I wish I could steal because it's just the right shade of auburn—was disheveled and unkempt, she looked like she'd been crying for days and she was wearing no makeup.

That no good jerk destroyed her, and I'll kill him for that.

All instant homicidal feelings aside, I offered her my best cheery smile, "I have the three loves of your life; Nicolas Sparks movies, chocolate ice cream, and," I grinned, digging through my bag and pulling out a beat up old blue bear, "The Clueless Blueness."

She instantly brightened up, grabbing TCB from my hands and hugging him. "You're a terrible influence on me, Noel, here I am, trying to mope on my own, and you come with TCB. You are evil."

"What? Not everyone wants to spend their life moping, you know, he's just a guy—an asshole at that," I grinned, "Anyway, Charlie's coming over in ten minutes, so try and look decent, you know that boy gets excited way too easily and um…this time wear your bra, under your shirt."

She blushed and scoffed, "As if you didn't wear your underwear over spandex tights for a month."

"It was a sex thing, Andy had a superman fetish and—"

"Shut up, I so don't need to know these details." She said, "Do you really have to go though? Staaay, you can't leave me alone with Charlie!"

"No can do, I've got a world to change. Besides, TCB'll protect you!" I turned around and walked away.


"Cindy!" I exclaimed, tackling my best friend to the grass in one, swift, unexpected movement, making various families stare at me in confusion, as if to say, He's not a sexual harasser is he?

Just another lovely day in the park, except it's October, and it's freezing, but, on the bright side, the leaves are all Autumn like, just how I like them.

"Noel, get off!" she groaned, attempting to shove me, I got off her and smiled innocently, "Personality-wise, you're one hundred percent effeminate, but physically, you're still way male."

She flipped her newly dyed purple curls and I took one curl between my fingers, inspecting it. "I like it, orange would've looked better though." I said finally.

"I know right? But Sandra and Ange were all," she gestured quotation marks with her hands, "'We're not going for a Ronald McDonald look, you know?' and I just mumbled that his hair's red and went for purple instead."

"You're so weak-willed." I said.

"You love me for it," she shot back.

"I do, most ardently," I said, fluttering my lashes girlishly, pulling a can of soda from my bag, opening it and taking a sip.

"What does that mean?" She asked and I laughed. She wasn't exactly known for her vocabulary, or lack of thereof.

"Get a Thesaurus, will you? You need to freshen up your vocab.; it's a synonym for passionately."

"I know my synonyms!" she huffed indignantly, "Thesaurus, for example, is another word for dictionary."

My lips twitched and I began laughing and rolling about in the grass, trying desperately not to spill my drink.

"Uh…El," she said awkwardly, and I stopped laughing, looking up.

Hello, handsome.

A boy who looked like he was in his early twenties was leaning over me, with narrowed eyes. He had bright auburn hair and strangely coloured eyes; they had so many different flecks in them they could pass for a kaleidoscope. His lashes were long and thick, as if he'd coated them heavily with mascara, he had high cheekbones and slightly bronzed skin. "What did you just do?" His velvety voice was laced with venom, I got up, feeling something sticky on my back and hair, I ran my fingers through my hair and—

Oh shit.

Chocolate cake was all over it.

I just rolled in unannounced to some poor kid's birthday party.


"El, don't swear! There are kids," Cindy hissed.

"Oh…yea…sorry um…yea…I didn't…uh…" I struggled for words, for once feeling utterly speechless.

Not a nice feeling, I tell you.

"You didn't think, that's what," Mr. Tall, dark and amazingly gorgeous spat.

I came to my own defense, naturally. "Look, I didn't mean to roll on to a chocolate cake, it's not exactly a hobby of mine, thank you very much." I looked at the horrified kid sitting next to him, "Sorry, kid, I can get you another cake, if you'd like?"

He shook his head and went back to wallowing in his own childish pity.

At least I offered. "Er…happy birthday," I said awkwardly, standing up and turning to Cindy, "Do you have any of your brother's old clothes? Anything I can borrow?"

I looked back at Hot stuff who only glared at me in return, so I glared back. He was so not worth the hassle.

What a jerk, anyway.


Unfortunately, I can't say that was the last time I pissed him off.

How to begin?

…um…I'm not exactly the most patient person on earth…

To the point where my mum used to say "Patience is virtue" right after "Good morning" and right before "Good night."

She was ecstatic when she knew I was gay.

I wish.

Anyway, so it was two weeks after the incident in the park and I was in line to order a burger, just a measly burger 'cause I was starving and in a rush.

Time flies quickly, and I need to make my difference in life, after all.

Just don't what to do yet. But I'm working on it.

In the mean time, Mr. I'm too Good to Wait in Line, decided to cut in line and shove in between me and Miss Frizz. "What the hell?" I said, shoving him away, "It was my turn after her."

"Don't care, finders keepers, losers weepers."

"Yea, and all cutters die," I said, narrowing my eyes. Miss Frizz finished and went away with her order. "Anyway, my turn," I said, snaking past him and facing the cashier, who looked way familiar. "I want a—"

"Ass—it's my turn." The guy said, shoving me forward and my ribs made contact with the counter.

Ouch. He did not just do that.

"One moment," I said, turning around, "I said it's my turn!"

And then he punched me.

The stupid idiot punched me.

All I wanted was a stupid, measly, delicious burger.

So I jumped him and all hell broke loose. We were punching and twisting and kicking and screaming—on my part—until someone pulls me off Mr. I Cut As Quick as Butter. "Don't—" I began but then Mr. Idiot Stupid headed CUTTER grabbed the ketchup sauce and squirts it all over my back and then when I turned around again, he squirts mustard all over my front. "Holy—my eyes! You son of a—"

"Stop," the guy who pulled me off him said firmly, dragging me away. Everyone was laughing and I felt my face heat up in embarrassment.

I just got into a fight at BK. I am so dead. And if not, someone please kill me.

Or, preferably, the stupid, bastard, cutting, impatient, jerk headed idiot!

I looked up at my 'saviour' and was ill met with the same dusky, iridescent eyes I had to face two weeks ago.

I hate Karma, I really, really do.

"You've got terrible luck, you're a klutz, impatient, and impulsive, great combo," he muttered sarcastically, setting me down on a chair and grabbing a handful of napkins.

"You…You….Uh…You're only saying that because right now you're feeling very small inside."

"Worst comeback ever," he muttered to himself.

"So…uh…what's your name?"

He sighed as if he couldn't get out of it, "Py,"

"Pie? As in Pie, the yummy desert?" I asked, confused.

Fitting, you're yummy enough to eat.

Shut up you.

"No, it's short for Pythagoras, my dad was obsessed with Arithmetic, a bit of a math nerd, and he named me after Pythagoras."

"Oh wow." I said. "Well, I'm Emanuel, but you can call me Noel."

"Alright," he said doubtfully, probably silently hoping I'd go away and never come back again.


He began wiping the ketchup from my face gently and carefully, as if I was made of glass. It was nice, and I would have probably blushed if I wasn't so furious with him for saying I had ill characteristics, even though what he said was probably true.

"You were wrong," he said suddenly.

I whipped my head up to look him in the eye. "What are you talking bout?"

"When you said you didn't have a habit of rolling around in food, every time I see you, you always seem to be in that sort of situation," he smirked.

I growled and looked down again, embarrassed.

Your name's Py, I'd love to be surrounded by you.

I said shut up perverted inner voice.


"Why are you covered in ketchup?" Cindy asked as soon as I walked in.

"Hello to you too," I muttered sarcastically.

"Yea, yea, hello and all that other shit," she said, rolling her eyes. "No, why are you covered in a common sauce used on food substances named ketchup?" she repeated her question, spelling out each word.

She's really taking the whole vocabulary thing to heart if she's defining ketchup.

I sighed. "Long story, don't have the time to bother telling you."

"Because you have a world to change, right?" she said with an amused smile.

I smiled back, "Exactly."


The house was filled with people, dancing, socialising, flirting…

Now, I would say that's not my type of place, but, it would be a lie.

I was born for these things, I knew all the right things to say, did all the right things, and I knew that by tonight I'd have a hot thing on my arm, asking to take me home.

I know, I'm so conceited, right?

I wouldn't call myself cocky; I just know what I can do, and what I can't do.

"You," that one word was filled with more passion than I ever head in my entire life.

Too bad it was the bad type of passion, the Why-don't-you-just-find-a-lake-and-drown-in-it kind.

I knew who it was instantly. Not that I memorised his voice or anything, it's just, not too many people hate me, and not that his voice isn't worth memorising. Because it is, oh yes it is.

"Hello, sweetie-Py," I cooed in a syrupy sweet voice, turning around and moving my drink around in my glass, taking a sip.

"Corny much?" he said.

"Now, if you hate me so much, why do you talk to me?" I asked, out of curiosity.

"Oh, just that small hope that you might make a fool of yourself, again," he said, smiling slightly. "Just to help you out, the food table's over there."

I rolled my eyes and looked around for Cin, when I spotted her; she was mauling some poor kid.

Yes, she was mauling him, not the other way around. She's a bit aggressive, to put it mildly.

"Live porn?" he enquired.

"Ew, no, I don't swing that way man." I said, taking another sip.

"You're gay?"

"Why? You homophobic?" I challenged.

"No! I uh…" he trailed off, a blush tingeing his cheeks; all of a sudden, all I wanted to do was reach out and brush my knuckles against his cheek.

Weird right? Must have had too much to drink, there's no other explanation to it, I must be under the influence of alcohol to want to touch him.

Even if he is sex on legs…

"Wanna go out to the balcony, it's getting crowded in here?" I asked, not liking how the girl next to me was grinding against me while dancing with another guy.


In all my twenty two years I have never felt so ugh, except that one time when my friend Melissa kissed me.

Yea, that was gross.

He nodded, and we went outside. For someone who hated me, he was oddly cooperative.

Maybe I'm getting under his skin after all.

"So, ruined any birthday parties lately?" he asked casually, as if it was a normal question.

I tried to think of a comeback, but I couldn't, so I resorted to my usual backup plan, "You're just saying that because right now, you're feeling really small on the inside."

"Gosh, lame comeback."

"Shut up."


"I said, shut up."

"What are you going to do? Ruin my birthday?"

"No, I'll knock your pretty head off though if you keep on talking like that." I glared.

"I hate you," he whispered.

"I hate you too, sweetie-Py."

"Stop calling me that!"

"Make me!"

He was silent for a moment, and I began to say "Sweetie-Py" over and over again until he pushed me to the wall.

"What the—?"

And kissed me. Hard.

His lips crashed down to mine in a bruising motion, moving over mine in a raged manner. But his lips were soft, and I couldn't help but shiver at the feel of him pressed up against me. After a long—by any standards—make out session, he released me, his hair messed up and his mouth red and kiss-bruised.

I was about to speak, but his eyes widened and he dashed off.

Just my luck. My legs felt too much like jelly to be of any proper use.


All I could think of for the next month was him, but I didn't see him anywhere. Not at the park, not at BK, nowhere.

But one day, I was looking through the Science fiction/Murder Mysteries section of the bookstore, not daring to go venture through Erotica, I overheard a couple having a conversation. And they were both male.

"Baby, I don't get all this Shakespeare crap, you know that." One of them, a mildly attractive blonde with square glasses that actually suited him very much, said.

"I know, but it wouldn't kill you to try," another, achingly familiar voice said. I knew who it was almost instantaneously.

Yes, I memorised his voice.

I'm such an idiot. I looked back at the rows of books, but I couldn't concentrate with him there.

"Oh my god, Emanuel Thomas?" the blonde said, as if shocked beyond belief.


"I haven't seen you since high school," I eyed him curiously. We went to high school together? Py was looking at me with a guilty expression on his face. I wonder if they were dating when he kissed me. "You dated my brother, Leafe, remember?"

"Oh right!" I said, remembering instantly, his name was Danny Ridgeback. Total sleaze. Hated him, and not just because he's possibly with Py, no not at all. "What's up?"

"Not much, just hanging around with the most special person ever." He pecked Py on the cheek. "He's forcing me to get Shakespeare though, boring crap, right?"

"I love Shakespeare," I said, my tone a little edgy.

"Oh…well, to each his own…so, let's go baby?" he said, turning to Py.

Py nodded, but he was looking at me, as if asking for permission.

"We have to get to Jake's birthday party." He explained, a hidden hint in his voice when he said "birthday party"

"Baby, I'll be right out," Py told his blond sweetheart. He nodded and left.

"He's not my boyfriend," he said.

"He isn't?"

"Nope…I uh…um…never mind," he stopped, blushing.

"Don't tell me you were trying to make me jealous, because it's cliché and I probably won't believe you."

"Whatever. Feel like coming?" he asked, some evidence of hope in his voice.

"Sure, haven't ruined any parties for a while."

I still wanted to change the world.

More specifically, I wanted to change his world.



This was written in the span of an hour. I.e. it is raw and probably not too great.

I write in the British spelling, I'm sorry, it's just the way I do.

This is the longest oneshot I've written. -;