Today was an exceptionally good day. I didn't feel the pain like I usually do. I try not to let it ruin what little time I do have left, but when it cripples me to the point where I can't walk there is nothing I can do. My arms and legs burn: I ran today. I refuse to let this disease take over my life, which in turn only makes it hurt more. But I hold on to the hope that I will have lived my life the way I wanted to.

When I first discovered this, I was told that I should stay in bed, and not do any activity until approved by doctors. I was naïve, and listened. After almost six months, I realized what I really wanted. I got up and walked out that very afternoon, and have never looked back. My parents looked for me, of course, but only half heartedly. Death was expected. As soon as the doctor finished speaking they accepted the "truth."

What the hell is truth anyway? One person has an opinion on the way things are. Anything and everything in our lives is shifting beneath our feet. The ground we think is so stable is almost constantly in motion. The wonders all around us should be proof of that. People claim that they won't believe it until they see it. Mountains are all around us. Natural beauty covers the earth, and society has applied our twisted image of what we want over it.

Hope is invisible as well. Yet if you ask people they don't deny its existence. Pain, too, is all mental. Nerves all over your body connect to your brain, telling you what to feel and do. Everything is a choice in this one wild and crazy life. I choose to run. I choose to push my body to the very limit. When I feel my blood coursing through my viens, pumping in time with my feet, I feel for the first time very much alive.

I can wander through every day like a shadow, barely existing, but when my blood pumps and I feel the earth moving beneath my feet, I know there is so much out there for me. All I have to do is reach out and take it. I am so afraid, but I know that if I screw up the only thing that can happen is my life ends earlier than I anticipated. I am not afraid of death.

After all, what is greater than leaving everything behind? Looking into the future with no fear is the greatest challenge of all. There is nothing for me here but the experience. And no matter what awaits on the other side, I know there is nothing I can do. The only choice that we don't have. With all the freedoms in our lives the least we can do is face our fears straight on.

I choose to defy the only choice I don't make.

AN – I am so sorry for the short chapters. I write during my creative writing class at school so I should update more often! Thanks to all who put up with me!