Lycanthropes of Sin:

Book I: Bitten

Prologue I: Aidren

" does that make you feel?"

I quirked an eyebrow at my shrink (Yeah, I said shrink, so sue me. I have some issues to work out. You would too if you were me.) and sighed. How did that make me feel? How the hell did he think it made me feel?! Happy?! I think not! I rolled my eyes and rested my head in my hands. "How the hell do you think it makes me feel?" I snapped. "I mean, it's not like I asked for this. I wasn't even aware that this could even happen. I was like any other sixteen-year-old guy. Totally oblivious of the world beyond my own."

"Well, I don't know Aidren, that's why I asked you." My shrink smiled calmly at me. His dark blue eyes twinkling at me...twinkling! I hated him, but he was the only shrink I could really go to. See, I have a certain...condition. And well...he was the only one that could really deal with me. Because...he had this condition too. Only, he didn't mind it like I did. I hated was disgusting and horrible. It made me feel less than human. (Though, in most people's opinions, I was considerably more than human.)

"Like shit okay?! I've felt the same way since the Bite. I felt worse at the Turn. And now every time I have to Shift I hate it even more! Do you think, in the last six months, that my opinion of this whole situation would change!?" I was nearly shouting by now. And yet my shrink looked calm and peaceful as ever.


"Aidren. I've told you this before: if you simply stop fighting what you are, then perhaps you can find a way to accept yourself. Your new self. Being a lycanthrope isn't the end of the world."

Yes it was, the liar. Being a lycanthrope meant I wasn't as normal as I used to able to stake claim to. Being a lycan (Not as in Lycan from the 'Underworld' 'cause are different threads, not just Wolf.) meant that at least once a week (until I can get the whole thing under control) I get to be extremely hairy...aggressive...and catty. (And I mean that in the literal sense 'cause...well...I got to turn into a friggen leopard.)

I rolled my eyes once again and stood up. "Our session is done." I stated, grabbing my bag. I didn't want to be perched to about how great being a lycan is. Especially when that opinion is a biased one. Stupid lycan shrink.

"Alright Aidren. Be here next week same time, but before you go," he handed me a notebook. "I want you to record everything that happens between now and then."

"You mean, lycan stuff?"

"Anything you want. It doesn't have to be limited to lycan stuff." he smiled that kind stupid calm smile before I turned to leave. I didn't want to stay here anymore. It was too much to my nerves, and my anger. I could only hold on to my temper for so long. And coming to shrink seriously didn't make my life any better.

Okay, let me back up a little. You're probably lost. If you can't already tell, I'm a lycanthrope. To be more specific, I'm a Wereleopard. Not by choice or birth. Who knew taking your little sister to the zoo would end up in you being attacked by a psycho snow leopard lycanthrope? So, on that fatal day, six months ago, I was nearly ripped to pieces by a leopard, then I find out that, hey, you're gonna live but only because that leopard infected you with a string of lycanthrope and now you're gonna change into a leopard.


So it didn't really happen like that. My finding out anyway. The doctors didn't what was up. I was so badly torn apart they expected me to die. They were preparing for it. So, you can imagine the shock they got as I started healing rapidly fast. (Lycan infection...weird...but useful.) They couldn't figure out what was going on as my body temp spiked to about 150 as well. (Considering you'd be dead if you're temp spiked that high, but lycan's have to have a higher body temp for some odd reason. Don't really know, or care.) But, after they figured I was well enough to walk (twenty-four hours later and all my wounds were healed, no scars left behind) I was discharged.

That's when the real shock was brought on. The next day (see, the lycanthrope infection takes forty-eight hours to activate and cause for the Turn. Again, don't know why, and don't really care.) I literally began to change. Painfully. I think I would've taken death over the change. And it was even worse because during my Turn I didn't have any other 'leopards to help sooth the pain. Yay for me huh?) After about an hour of screaming I finally found myself on all fours, body aching but in a weird detached sort of way. Like I was feeling someone else's pain. My parents and sister weren't home at the time, which meant just me.

Can you imagine the amount of damage that I caused out in the street?

Hehe, they thought that the psycho snow leopard that had attacked me was out again and prowling for a new victum. Of course, I only remember all this vaguely. (I was filled in later by the Pard. More on them later.) Anyway after all that, my parents found out. (Mainly because the next night I Shifted again. I couldn't really control it at the time. More like it was controlling me.) And, of course, they flipped. Then again, who wouldn't? They suddenly saw their sixteen-year-old son turn into something not even close to human. It was pretty messed up.

After my mom nearly having a mental break down, and my dad...well...I don't even know what the heck happened to him, they finally calmed enough to start trying to figure out what was going on. About three weeks later, we found out there was a Pard right in downtown Brooklyn.

Yay for Aidren again right?

After that, life kinda went back to normal...only I had to change schools. Move out of my parents house. (I was a danger to them. The whole, I might snap and eat you type thing.) And live with people I didn't know, or even remotely like. And they sure made it clear that they didn't like me either. (Pards usually never accept new comers. But I guess I was a specail case seeing as it was their leopard's fault I turned into a friggen Were.) Now I go to a shrink to try and convince me my life is great.

It's not,'s not.

So, that's basically my life summed up in a nutshell. I haven't seen my parents in the last five months, and I porbably won't ever see them again. Something about them being happier with out a freak for a son. Especially since after my miraculus recovery, they found out I got some weird level four virus and died.

Gee, love you too mom, dad.

Anyway, moving on. Like I said, I hate being a lycanthrope. Maybe I would've liked it more if it didn't invlove me turning into someone I didn't recognize. Or maybe, just maybe, I'd like it more if I gotta keep my family.

Hey, I kinda liked them you know?

And I bet I would've been cool with it if I hadn't had to change my identaty completley. Seeing as "Taylor Christenson" died of a level four cat dieses.


And that's basically it...

And you thought your life sucked.

Great, now I sound emo...