By: SippyCup

Prolouge II: Ace

There was blood everywhere, confusion, panic. He didn't mean to. It was an accident, he couldn't control himself. The body stopped moving under his grip. It was okay, his prey was dead. But all that screaming, the panic...what was he supposed to do? He was in public? How could he? They were going to kill him weren't they? He was going to die...just like he killed this human. How could he be so disgusting? What kind of monster was he? They would be right to kill him. They head every right...

"TAYLOR! MY BABY! GET AWAY FROM HIM YOU FILTHY ANIMAL!" That voice, that woman's voice still raged in his head. So heartbroken, her voice. How could he?

So much blood...

So much panic.

He was a monster...

I sat up, breathing heavily, sweat pouring down my body. Same dream, different night. Nothing changed.

I climbed out of my bed, knowing I wasn't going to be sleeping the rest of the night. Didn't matter for how long I tossed and turned, I wouldn't be able to close my eyes without seeing the image of the mangled body and hear that woman's voice crying.

I nearly killed her son. And I might as well have; I'm sure it would've been easier than giving him the life I did, forcing him to live alienated from the ones who loved him. Thrusting him into a life he didn't fucking understand.

I pulled a shirt on over my head, before walking out of my room. The T.V. in the living room was still on, meaning either A: Adrien was still awake watching it; or B: Adrien had fallen asleep in front of it. I let out a sigh. Either way meant the boy was in the living room, and to leave my house meant I had to walk past him. Meaning I'd either wake him up and we'd start fighting, or he'd already be up and we'd start fighting.

As to why he was living with me after I'd ruined his life was something the Elders came up with. Maybe they thought it was funny, maybe they thought it would help us. Maybe...I don't know. Old peoples minds works in mysterious ways. That really didn't matter, Adrien hated me. Because, of course, something in him told him that I was the monster that attacked him. I was the insane one that nearly killed him. It was all me...and he used that to fight me every chance he got.

"You're still awake?" I asked cautiously, walking past his still form. The boy's body visibly tensed, but he didn't say anything. Which, for him, was a first. He always had something to say. I stood awkwardly staring at him, waiting for him to say something. It would make me feel better if he started yelling and screaming at me, like usual.

"My shrink told me to start a journal...write down everything that happens between now and forever." A smile crossed his lips. "Stupid huh? What's that going to solve? I'm still a monster. It's not going to change anything in my life...it's only going to written proof that I'm a monster." He laughed bitterly, before turning to look at me. His eyes...oh gods his eyes...

I looked away first. "I'm going for a run..." I said carefully. "Get rid of some energy...wanna...come?" I asked slowly, biting my lip. I usually didn't extend the invitation to him. He never gave me a chance. I was hoping to take this as an opportunity to...I don't know? Form some sort of bond? A bridge? Something.

"Two legs or Four?" He asked, just as slowly.


"I'm game." He stood up, turning off the T.V. He approached me slowly, and I truly thought he was going to hit me. I wouldn't put it past him. As much as he hated me...he'd done it before. "Ace? It's okay to breath."

I let out a breath of air I didn't realize I was holding. I gave a shaky laugh before giving a sidelong glance towards my front door. It was so close, all I had to do was...



"I don't hate you...as much. I kinda figure why you did...what you did. You weren't really you were you? You did it because...because it became too much to deal with. The hunger, the smells, the animal instinct that's inside you. Right?" He watched me carefully, measuring.

"Yes." I closed my eyes...it was the truth.

"You're kind, and cool, and try hard to deal with me with patience...the monster that attacked me wasn't you. It was the you inside you...does that make any sense?"

It made perfect sense. "Have you been into the catnip?" I teased lightly, wanting to get away from the subject.

"No." He snapped, defensive. He did it once, got into catnip. It was cute...but catnip was a serious drug to a Were. Especially for a feline based Were.

"Just checking."

I felt the tension leave his body, and mine. I felt him lean in towards me, rest his forehead against my chest. He just wanted someone, anyone would do at the moment, to accept him for who he was. For what he was. I put one hand around him, pulling him closer. Of course I accepted him; he was apart of the Pard. And, even if he wasn't. Even if he was some kid I met on the street that just needed attention, I'd give him all and more. Anything I could. Everything.

He pulled away abruptly, back peddling until he was standing by the couch again. "Um, maybe I'll run with you some other time. I'm kinda tired..."

I nodded, watching him head towards his room. Something inside me broke, and I felt hot tears build in my eyes. God, I never thought that would pass between us. I never thought I would ever touch him outside a fight.

It was a progress. More progress than I ever hoped be possible.