A/N: Holy shit, it's finally done. This turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it'd be, but I said there was only one chapter left, and you've waited far long enough for the conclusion of this little tale, so here it is. Enjoy!

He jumped, startled from his thoughts as the door opened and Akitra strode in. Their eyes met and a small smile lifted the corners of Akitra's mouth. Jak took a breath to say something, but the words died on his lips as Maika followed Akitra into the room and shut the door. Without a word, Maika crossed the room and closed the curtains as Akitra stripped off his shirt and walked toward Jak.

"What's going on?" Jak asked, looking back and forth between the two faeries.

"Did you find the inscription?" Akitra asked, picking the onyx and amethyst ring up off the desk. Jak nodded. "And do you believe me now? That you're not just an afterthought because I can't have Maika?"

"Yes," Jak whispered, a strange, surreal feeling washing over him as Akitra took his hand and gently slipped the ring on his finger. He stared at it, the dark stones and pale silver gleaming in the light from his lamp, and then he glanced over at Maika, sitting on the edge of his bed and watching them with a perfect, expressionless mask. What must he be thinking, feeling? "Akitra," Jak said, shaking his head as Akitra grabbed his hands and drew him to his feet, one strong arm encircling Jak's waist and pulling him up against the tall faerie. "Akitra, don't-"

"Why not?" Akitra asked, bowing his head, his lips brushing Jak's cheek, moving toward his mouth. "I love you."

"But- Maika-" Jak turned his face away.

"What about him?" Akitra asked. "He knows where the door is." Jak opened his mouth to protest, but Akitra reached up, placing his fingertips against Jak's lips. "He made his choice, Jak. This is what he wants." Jak closed his mouth, a sinking feeling in his chest as he glanced over at Maika. This wasn't a choice, this was just a different lack of options. It wasn't fair! "What do you care, anyway?" Akitra asked after a moment. "It's not like you ever really loved him. It was just a spell."

"Yeah, it was," Jak said, planting his hands against Akitra's chest and pushing him away, "but it's not anymore. Maybe it isn't love, but I do care, and I'm not going to do something that I know will hurt him." Akitra gave him a crooked smile and glanced over at Maika.

"Good enough?" he asked and Maika nodded, unbuttoning his shirt as he rose from the bed.

"I could tell by the look on his face," Maika said, shrugging out of the shirt and letting it fall to the floor as he stepped toward them. Jak stared, glancing back and forth between them and Maika came to a stop beside Akitra and tucked his hands into his pockets, a small, amused smile on his face. "He looks utterly bewildered, doesn't he?" Maika said, his smile widening.

"I think it's cute," Akitra said, reaching out toward Jak's hand. Jak jerked back.

"What the hell?" Jak asked, finally finding his voice. "That was just a- a...test? You were testing me to see if I really cared about you? What the hell is this, then?" He held up his hand with Akitra's ring facing him.

"I told you he'd get pissed," Akitra said to Maika. Suddenly, the tall faerie lunged forward, grabbing Jak by the wrist. Jak cried out as Akitra spun him around, twisting his arm up behind his back. "Mmm, this is a familiar arrangement," Akitra said, his breath tickling the side of Jak's face as he pulled Jak back against him, his other arm wrapping around Jak's chest. "Just relax, Jak; you're going to like this."

"Akitra, get the fuck off me right now," Jak said, his heart pounding. What the hell was going on? "Maika-" Maika stepped toward him, the longest strands of his dark teal hair hanging in his face as his peacock-green eyes moved slowly down Jak's body. "Maika...do something, would you? Please?"

"He's right, Jak," Maika said, reaching out and unbuttoning Jak's jeans. "Just relax."

"No," Jak said, twisting away from Maika as he tried to pull out of Akitra's grasp. "I will not relax until somebody tells me what the fuck is going on!" Maika stepped forward, took Jak's face between his hands, and kissed him. Jak stood, rigid, his lips pressed into a thin line, until Maika finally stepped back.

"After you left us alone in here," Maika said, "Akitra and I talked, and we decided that we couldn't do anything without you. I love you-"

"And I love you," Akitra said.

"And you did so much to try and get us together," Maika continued, "without asking or expecting anything in return - It wouldn't be fair to leave you out now, now that we've decided to pull our heads out of our asses, not if you could love us both."

"And- and you couldn't just tell me this?" Jak asked, squirming against Akitra's restraining arms for emphasis. Akitra held him tighter, but relaxed his grip on the arm that was twisted up behind Jak's back, the faerie chuckling deep in his chest. Standing in front of him, Maika smiled.

"Seriously, Jak, when have you ever known a sidhe to just tell anyone anything?" He reached out, grabbing the front of Jak's jeans again, and slowly lowered his zipper. "Besides, we thought this would be more fun. I mean, we are still faeries, after all; you can't expect us to suddenly start acting human just because we're in love with one."

"But- but what about your status?" Jak asked. "You can't expect me to believe you suddenly don't care."

"Oh, I care," Maika said, hooking his fingers over the waistband of Jak's jeans and boxers, "but what everyone else doesn't know can't hurt me."

"So it's a secret, then," Jak said as Maika worked his pants down. Maika raised his eyes, his bright, glittering gaze piercing Jak to the core.

"Yeah, this is a secret," Maika said, "but you're good at keeping secrets, aren't you?" He suddenly leaned forward, kissing Jak again, and this time, Jak responded, opening his mouth and shuddering as their tongues slid past each other. Maika cupped the back of Jak's neck with one hand, drawing back just a little, his lips brushing Jak's cheek as he whispered, "We can be friends, though, and anyone who doesn't like it can go fuck themselves."

"Sweet as that is," Akitra said, leaning down to nip at the shell of Jak's ear, "I'm feeling a little forgotten back here. Can we save the mushy stuff for later, maybe?" Jak gasped as Akitra suddenly bit down on the soft skin just behind his jaw, stopping just shy of pain, and he shivered as the faerie sucked on his neck, the warm, tingling pleasure of Akitra's glamour shuddering through him. A low moan escaped Jak's lips as Maika finished shoving Jak's boxers down and wrapped his long, slender fingers around Jak's stiffening cock.

"Good job, Akitra," Maika said, giving Jak a frustratingly slow stroke. "I think he's ready for you." Raising his head, Akitra suddenly grabbed Jak by the shoulders and spun him around. Jeans and shorts tangled around his ankles, Jak swayed, reaching out catch himself on the desk, but Akitra grabbed his hands, standing him back up. Akitra leaned forward, his deep kiss leaving Jak out of breath and light-headed. With a crooked smile full of dark promise, Akitra sank to his knees before Jak and opened his mouth, grabbing Jak's hips as he engulfed Jak's cock in his hot mouth.

"Oh...fuck..." Jak moaned, resting his hands on the top of Akitra's head as Akitra began to suck, his tongue stroking the underside of Jak's cock, his glamour curling hot and heavy in the pit of Jak's stomach.

"That's right," Maika said, stepping up behind Jak, his voice low and throaty as he reached around Jak's body to run his fingers through Akitra's hair. "Now do me a favor and spread him, will you?" Akitra's hands slid from Jak's hips to his ass, grabbing his cheeks and pulling them apart. Jak made a surprised sound as something cold touched his opening, but it quickly turned to a moan as Maika's fingers warmed the lube and spread the slippery substance across his asshole. He felt dizzy as Maika's fingers entered him, sliding in and out, twisting to press against his prostate, and he couldn't help but curl his body forward, his hands shifting to Akitra's shoulders as he leaned on him.

"Akitra," he gasped, "I- I'm gonna- Oh, shit-" The pleasure gathered, heavy, aching, trying to pull him downward, and he found it harder and harder to stay on his feet. Only Akitra was keeping him standing as he shook and gasped, racing toward his orgasm, groaning as he neared the peak-

He cried out as he hit a brick wall, Akitra's glamour wrapping around him and holding him back, keeping him suspended in orgasmic limbo, the pleasure thundering through his body as Akitra drew back, sucking just on the head of Jak's cock, his tongue flicking up and down the slit as he turned his eyes upward and winked.

"Please..." Jak whispered, his body jerking as Maika added a third finger and pressed closer, his breath warm and ragged on the back of Jak's neck. "Please...Maika-"

"Relax, Jak," Maika said, his other arm wrapping around Jak's body and sliding up under his T-shirt, finding a nipple and gently rolling it between his finger and thumb. "We won't keep you hanging for long. Just relax and enjoy it." Maika tilted his head, rising up on his toes to press his lips to the side of Jak's neck, a soft kiss that turned into a bite, Jak's skin tingling down his chest as Maika sucked hard and then drew back. "There," he said, sounding pleased with himself, "now you belong to both of us."

"Maika, please," Jak begged, his jaw clenched as his hips jerked, thrusting his cock back into Akitra's mouth. Akitra just moaned, the vibrations making Jak see stars.

"All right, Jak," Maika said. "It's all right. Just hang on for five... four... three... two... one..." Jak whimpered as Maika stretched it out, rubbing relentlessly inside of him. "All right, Akitra, let him go." Jak cried out, his knees buckling as he came, hard, in Akitra's mouth, and he would have collapsed if Maika hadn't pulled his fingers out and wrapped strong arms around him, holding him up. Akitra swallowed and continued sucking until Jak was a limp, boneless, quivering mass in Maika's arms.

"That was fun," Akitra said, smiling as he wiped a dribble of semen from his chin and sensuously licked the thick fluid from his finger. He looked down, quickly pulling off Jak's shoes and finishing stripping his pants and underwear off. As Jak watched, Akitra made a face, baring his teeth as he jerked Jak's socks off.

"Wh- what is it?" Jak asked. "I thought there was something sexy about a mage wearing nothing but socks." Akitra glanced up at him, something dark and feral flickering behind his eyes.

"Zaiden likes to fuck in nothing but socks," he said as he climbed to his feet. "I said that because I was trying to associate you with him, trying to convince myself that you were no better, because I was already starting to like you more than I should have." He fell silent, just staring at Jak, and then he glanced over Jak's shoulder at Maika. "What do you think we should do next?"

"Next?" Jak asked in a small, breathless voice. Akitra's grin widened and he stepped closer, pressing his body against Jak's as he leaned down and captured Jak's mouth in a slow kiss. Suddenly, he pulled back.

"I think Jak had better sit this one out," Akitra said, his expression unreadable as he stared over Jak's shoulder. "He is just a human, after all," Akitra added after a moment. "We don't want to break him."

"I think you're right," Maika said softly. Jak started to argue that could walk on his own as they grabbed his arms, but a single wobbly step convinced him that that wasn't true. He let them help him over to Maika's bed and could only glance back and forth between the faeries as Akitra sat him down and Maika propped some pillows up between him and the wall.

"Comfy?" Akitra asked, reaching up and tweaking one of Jak's nipples before stepping back. "Now, don't get jealous, okay? We won't forget about you." Jealousy was the last thing on Jak's mind as he watched Maika step into Akitra's embrace, the two faeries clinging to each other as they kissed, Akitra's fingers leaving white marks where they dug into Maika's back, Maika moaning softly as he ran his fingers back through Akitra's hair. It was the sexiest, most beautiful thing Jak had ever seen.

Maika's hands slid down between their bodies, unbuttoning Akitra's jeans and sliding them down off his hips. Jak licked dry lips as Akitra's pants hit the floor, wrapping his fingers around his slowly reviving cock and beginning to stroke himself as Maika slipped out of his own pants and kicked them away, leaving both the faeries standing in just their underwear, their erections pushing out the material and rubbing against each other as they continued to kiss. Akitra's hands slid up Maika's back, his fingertips brushing Maika's wing ridges and Maika cried out, his body tensing in Akitra's arms. Akitra jerked away.

"I'm sorry-" he said, but Maika quickly shook his head and pressed himself back against Akitra's body.

"It's all right," Maika said. "I'm just not used to have them back yet." His eyes shifted over to Jak and he smiled. "It's okay to touch them." Akitra seemed to hesitate, and then reached around Maika to place his hands on the delicate, fluted wing ridges. Maika moaned, the sound shuddering through Jak and shivering up to the tip of his cock, as Akitra's fingers danced up and down the sensitive organs. Jak swallowed hard as the first drops of fluid beaded up, using his thumb to smear the fluid around the head of his erection.

Suddenly, Maika's wing ridges flickered with teal and pale blue light, and Akitra cringed, his whole being seeming to implode, to grow small, fragile. This time, it was Maika that jerked back, his wings going dark as he regained control of his glamour.

"I'm sor-" he started to say, but Akitra silenced him with a kiss, his hands rising up to cup Maika's face. Jak found himself just sitting, hand wrapped around himself but not moving, just staring at them. If he lived for a thousand years, he couldn't imagine doing anything as good as getting the two of them together. After a moment, though, he frowned, disturbed by a depressing thought.

"Sorry to interrupt," he said, "but is this a forever thing, or...just this once?" Maika glanced at him, then looked back up at Akitra.

"What do you want it to be, Jak?" Akitra asked, one hands sliding back through Maika's hair as the other trailed slowly down his chest. "Do you think you could handle both of us forever?" Jak stared, his mouth going dry as the tip of Akitra's index finger circled Maika's navel before slipping down the front of his briefs and pulling them out, letting Maika's stiff, ridged cock spring free.

"I don't know if I could survive, let along handle, both of you," Jak said after a moment, "but I'd love to try." Both Maika and Akitra grinned, and then Akitra sank to his knees, drawing a startled gasp from Maika as he grabbed Maika's hips and leaned forward, his tongue darting out to trace the lip of Maika's belly button.

"You were right," Akitra said, grabbing Maika's briefs and tugging them completely off. Jak groaned and began to jerk his own aching erection as he watched Maika's slender cock disappear between Akitra's lips, Maika rocking his hips and sensuously fucking Akitra's mouth.

"You look good with a cock in your mouth," Jak said, smirking as Akitra gave him the finger. "Promise?" he asked, sliding forward to the edge of the bed and rising to his feet. He'd had enough of just watching; sex was not a spectator sport. His legs still felt a little funny, but he was able to step up behind Maika and wrap his arms around the faerie's warm torso, his hands gliding up and down Maika's chest. "Where's the lube?" Jak asked, nuzzling the soft skin behind Maika's ear. "I want to fuck you."

"Sorry, Jak," Maika said, his voice tight, "but any changes to the schedule must be submitted in writing at least twelve hours in advance."

"Schedule?" Jak asked, arching an eyebrow as he pressed his hard-on against Maika's firm ass. "We have a schedule?" Maika made a small, disappointed sound as Akitra drew back and climbed to his feet.

"That's right," Akitra said, giving Maika a gently shove toward the bed. "Break time's over Jak." A Maika climbed onto the bed, Akitra caught Jak around the waist, pulling him against Akitra's hard, lean body. Jak moaned and Akitra leaned down, biting and sucking on Jak's neck and collarbone. "Take...my boxers...off," Akitra mumbled between bites, his hands grabbing Jak's ass, kneading the flesh, fingers slipping in between Jak's cheeks to probe the opening.

Jak tangled his fingers in the silky material, tugging them down a bit at a time, his other hand groping for and wrapping around Akitra's ridged erection, drawing a low groan from the faerie. As the boxers slid down Akitra's legs, Jak reached out and ran his fingertips around the head of Akitra's cock, hoping Maika was enjoying the show since Akitra couldn't really feel it. Akitra drew a hissing breath through his teeth and thrust his hips forward, pushing himself into Jak's hands, a shudder running down his body.

"Akitra?" Jak asked, confused, and Akitra drew back so that Jak could see the purple silk ribbon tied around the base of Akitra's cock. "What-"

"The one you placed between my wings," Akitra said. "I found it later in my bed. I was going to give it back, but..." He shrugged. This is the first time I've used it, though. I was kinda saving it, hoping you'd change your mind about me-"

"Excuse me," Maika said loudly from the bed. "I thought we agreed no mushy stuff." Jak glanced back and forth between the two faeries, a big, stupid grin spreading across his face as it suddenly dawned on him what this all meant. Laughing, he threw himself at Akitra, wrapping his arms around the tall faerie's neck and kissing him hard. Akitra had barely gotten his arms wrapped around Jak when Jak pulled back, slipped free and climbed onto the bed with Maika, kissing him, too. He couldn't imagine anything more perfect.

"All right," he said as he pulled away from Maika. "What's next on the schedule?" Akitra and Maika exchanged sly, devious looks and smirked as Maika rolled onto his side, his back against the wall, and patted the bed beside him.

"C'mere, Jak," he said in that throaty, porno voice. Jak trembled inside as he stretched out next to Maika, letting the two faeries position him on his side, his back to Maika, with Akitra sitting on the edge of the mattress facing the head of the bed, his hand resting on Jak's hip. A little nervous, Jak watched him reach over and grab the open jar of lubricant from off the desk, setting it between them on the bed. "Is that going to be enough?" Maika asked.

"It's more than half full," Akitra said.

"There's a full one in my top desk drawer, just in case," Maika said, reaching over Jak to dip his fingers into the thick, clear gel. Maika kissed Jak's bare shoulder and then eased those cool, slippery fingers inside him. Jak groaned in pleasure, forcing his muscles to relax, allowing Maika to slip three fingers into him. He watched Akitra through heavy-lidded eyes as the pale faerie reached into the open jar of lube, shudders racking Jak's body as Maika delved deeper, stretching him, filling him, preparing him.

"Bend your knee," Akitra said, catching at Jak's ankle and lifting his foot, bracing it against Akitra's shoulder and spreading Jak's legs. Jak gasped as he felt Akitra's slippery fingers against his entrance, his breath catching as Akitra eased his index finger in alongside Maika's three. Akitra's eyes never left Jak's face as he worked his finger in and out, sliding deep to rub against Jak's prostate, drawing a long, breathless moan from Jak's lips.

He had never felt anything quite like have both faeries inside him, stretching him, Akitra's glamour thrumming gently through his veins, Maika's breath warm on the back of his neck, both of them in love with him. He dug his fingers into the bedding, fighting the urge to tense up as Akitra added another finger. That hurt, just a little, just for a minute, a slight burning as his muscles were stretched beyond what they were used to, but faded quickly.

"That feels so good," he murmured, closing his eyes as he tried to keep still. He wanted to be fucked so bad, it was all he could do not to buck and squirm. "Careful," he said, his breath catching as they slowly thrust into him. "You stretch me out too much and whichever of you is scheduled to fuck me isn't going to feel a whole lot."

"Oh, we'll feel it," Akitra said, and something in his voice made Jak open his eyes. The faerie was grinning at him, his dark eyes burning with lust and desire. "What do you think, Maika - Is that enough?"

"Jak better hope so," Maika replied and Jak shivered as Maika bit down on the back of his shoulder. After a moment, he let go and slowly withdrew his fingers. Akitra thrust into Jak one more time, rubbing hard against his prostate and making him cry out, his cock twitching against his leg, and then Akitra pulled out, grabbing Maika's underwear off the floor and wiping his hand off. He tossed the briefs over Jak's body to Maika and pulled a gasping Jak into a sitting position.

"You're sadistic," Jak said as Akitra smoothed the hair back from his face. Akitra just grinned and leaned down, giving Jak a soft kiss. "Now what?" he asked when Akitra pulled back. Jak glanced over his shoulder as Maika shifted on the bed, piling pillows against the head board and lying down on his back, partially reclined and stroking his cock.

"What do you think, Jak?" he asked. "You want to ride me?" His words, his voice, the sight of him hard and ready, sent a shudder through Jak, his head spinning as he scrambled to straddle Maika's waist, leaning down to kiss him before straightening up and reaching back to guide Maika's cock in.

"I got this," Akitra said, reaching between Jak and Maika's bodies and grasping Maika's shaft, pumping it a few times before rubbing the slick head against Jak's entrance. Jak moaned like a whore and slid down, closing his eyes and throwing his head back as Maika raised his hips until their bodies met. "Fuck, that's sexy," Akitra whispered, moving behind Jak and wrapping his arms around Jak's chest, his hands wandering down to grasp Jak's cock. "You like that?" Akitra asked, kissing the side of Jak's neck. Jak moaned and nodded, leaning back against Akitra's chest as he worked his hips, Maika's ridges rubbing deliciously inside of him. "You want me to stroke it?" Akitra asked, growling into Jak's shoulder as he teased Jak's shaft with one hand reached down to fondle his balls with the other.

"Please," Jak begged. "Akitra, please." His body was on fire, his insides throbbing as Maika slid in and out of him, his nuts aching, his cock twitching in Akitra's hand. Akitra chuckled and pressed closer, leaning hard against Jak's back as he jerked him off. Jak could feel the heat and hardness of Akitra's erection pressed against the small of his back as he arched his body into Akitra's touch, the faerie's glamour sliding down inside him and pushing him over the edge. He cried out and came, spilling himself across Maika's body, shuddering as Akitra continued to pleasure him with long, slow strokes, milking the semen out of him as Maika slowed, sliding out of Jak until only the head remained inside him.

"All right, Akitra," Maika said, reaching out and grabbing Jak's wrists, pulling until Jak leaned forward, still quivering too hard to resist. "Go slow; don't hurt him."

"Hurt...What are you- Oh!" He gasped, a cry of surprise and pain as he felt the head of Akitra's cock press against his asshole, trying to slide in alongside Maika's shaft. "No! No, you can't- It won't fit-"

"Yes it will, Jak," Maika said, his hands sliding up Jak's arms as he sat up. "Just relax." He gripped Jak just above the elbows, holding him still as Akitra leaned on Jak's back, the ainmhain's breath ragged on Jak's shoulder. "Easy...easy..." Maika murmured. "Ready, Akitra?"

"Yeah," Akitra's voice was tight and hoarse. Jak squeezed his eyes shut, fighting to hold back the scream that filled his throat, choking him, as Akitra eased inside him, stretching him until he thought he was going to snap. Maika leaned back into the pillows, lifting his hips and sliding back into Jak, Akitra moving smoothly with him. Jak cried out, the muscles in his abdomen clenching as the pain washed over him, sharp and sudden, and then dropping off to a dull throb that left him breathless and shaking. It felt- Oh, fuck, it felt good, so good, so much of them, both of then, inside him, but still-

"Could you...warn me next time?" he gasped, giving his hips a tentative wiggle from side to side. It ached, but it was fading, soothed by the endorphins coursing through his system.

"We weren't sure you'd want to," Akitra said in his ear, the tall faerie trembling, his hands clutching at Jak's thighs.

"And that's probably a pretty good sign that you should ask," Jak said, though he couldn't help but acknowledge that they had a point. He never would have agreed to this, but as he adjusted and relaxed, knowing that both of his lovers were sharing his body, both of their cocks pressed together so tightly inside him, he ached inside-a good, heavy, fulfilling ache that made his toes curl in slow ecstasy. "All right," he said after a moment, "I'm ready, but first I want you both to promise me something."

"What?" Maika asked, a thread of wariness weaving through his voice.

"Promise me that neither of you will pull out until you both come." Jak felt Akitra shudder and watched Maika wet his lips, his peacock-green eyes turning up to dart back and forth as he stared at the ceiling. Finally, he shut his eyes and nodded. "Akitra?"

"Yeah, Jak," Akitra whispered. "I promise." Maika drew a deep, shuddering breath and rocked his hips, pressing deeper into Jak. Akitra's fingers dug into Jak's thighs as he withdrew, the two ridged faerie cocks rubbing against each other with a sensation like dragging a stick along a picket fence, a shuddering vibration that nearly turned Jak inside out. Maika's cock pressed hard against Jak's prostate and he cried out again and again, gripping handfuls of the sheets as Maika and Akitra found a rhythm, thrusting, grunting, gasping, moaning, a continuous rolling pleasure building deep with Jak, rising up, sharp, white flickers of exquisite agony dancing low in Jak's gut as he fought to hold back, to hang on.

"Akitra," he gasped suddenly. "Akitra, don't- don't let me come...please...I want to come with you." Akitra thrust hard into Jak, biting down on Jak's shoulder as his grip on Jak's thighs tightened - everything about him becoming fiercer, more restrained as the room flickered with bright silver and rich lavender light. Jak cried out as Akitra's glamour shot through him, wild and uncontrolled, stopping his climax dead and holding it at the edge. Beneath him, Maika made a strangled sound and bucked his hips, slamming up into Jak, his eyes wide, reflecting sparkling silver and dancing purple. Jak glanced over his shoulder, his lips parting in a soft exclamation at the sight of Akitra's wings spread behind him.

"So beautiful," Maika whispered and Jak felt Akitra's body jerk, he heard the quiet sob that the faerie tried to muffle against his shoulder. Jak opened his mouth to ask Akitra what was wrong, but all that came out was a moan as they began to move again.

"He always...hated the sight of my wings," Akitra whispered against the back of Jak's neck. "He's said they were plain and ugly before, but never beautiful." He kissed the side of Jak's neck and drew a shaking breath before he whispered, "Thank you."

Jak arched his body, pushing back against Akitra, the tightness of his body making it easier to bear the weight of his stalled orgasm, the pleasure writhing inside him, desperate for release. He cried out, reaching up and grabbing one of Maika's hands, lacing his fingers with the faerie's and gripping until his knuckles turned white. That was better; that helped. He started to grab for Maika's other hand, but Akitra let go of his leg and reached past him, Akitra's pale fingers entwining with Maika's dark ones. Jak reached across his body instead and Akitra lifted his hand, gripping Jak tight.

"Oh...fuck..." Jak moaned as Akitra began to pound into him, his movements sharp and erratic, his breathing rough and loud in Jak's ear.

"I- I'm coming," he whispered through his teeth, and a moment later he cried out, his body tensing, hips jerking as he filled Jak with his seed.

"Sweet Elais," Maika gasped, "that feels amazing." He bucked his hips, thrusting up into Jak, rubbing against Akitra as the tall faerie grew still, leaning heavily on Jak as he kept his promise. Jak began to move, riding Maika again, his eyes fixed on the faerie's, watching Maika's face as he drew near. Maika seemed to be fighting himself, fighting to maintain control, to hold back. After a moment, Jak sighed and quit moving.

"You can stop," he told Maika. "I won't hold you to your promise. If this is too much-"

"No," Maika said, shaking his head and continuing to lift his hips. He squeezed Jak's hand. "I want to, I just...Do you know what my glamour will do to you if I lose control? I don't want to make you feel like that." Jak felt Akitra shift, the faerie raising his head to look at Maika over Jak's shoulder.

"C'mon, Maika," Akitra murmured. "We can't help what we are. Now just come already; it's almost time for dinner." Maika laughed, breathless and desperate. Jak began to move again, Akitra rocking with him, both of them breathing as one as Maika lay back in the pillow, gripping their hands as he hammered up into Jak, the room ringing with their hoarse cries as Maika let go and came, filling Jak with the warmth of his seed and the cold, bitter sting of self-doubt.

Jak knew it was just the glamour, but that didn't change the feeling of worthlessness that washed over him, the sickness that churned in his stomach as he wondered how he could have ever thought he'd be good enough.

It only lasted a few seconds, and then Akitra was grabbing his cock, stroking it as he let his glamour fade away, Jak's orgasm barreling through him like a runaway train. He cried out, coming hard across Maika's stomach for the second time. Gasping and shaking, Jak slowly rose up on his knees, shuddering as the faeries' softening cocks slid out of him, followed by a stream of semen. Gross. Slowly, they disentangled themselves, no one speaking as they passed around Maika's dirty briefs and cleaned themselves up as best they could.

Jak started to get up, but then lay back down beside Maika, resting his head on Maika's chest and reaching out, catching at Akitra's arm and pulling him down on top of them, between his and Maika's legs, with Akitra's head resting on Jak's hip. Warm, sleepy and contented, Jak sighed, running his fingers slowly through Akitra's hair.

"So," he asked after several quiet minutes, "how's this going to work? I mean, assuming we don't discover how much we really hate each other, what are we going to do after we graduate? We can't just live together; people will talk."

"That's easy," Maika said, his voice soft and a little sleepy. "I'll marry a wealthy soldias sidhe woman, which will keep everyone off my back, and we'll buy a huge manor somewhere. You'll get your medical degree and I'll hire you as my personal physician. You can marry Akitra and you both can live in my house."

Jak smiled.

"That sounds like a plan," he said.

"I don't know," Akitra said after a moment. "I think I can do better." For a second, there was silence, and then Akitra laughed, a deep, rich, very-pleased-with-his-own-joke chuckle. Jak and Maika glanced at each other and sighed.

The End

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