The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion

One day a girl and a boy named jack and Di were walking home from school when they passed a large mansion. What they knew or what they thought they knew was that whenever a person went in they would never come out. Di said to leave but jack couldn't resist. He had to go in there.

"Let's go in." Jack said. Di had no idea what he was saying. "What?" She started to say, "You want to go in there?" "Yes!" Jack replied. "Well I'm getting out of here." Di said and she ran off. He started walking down the driveway when he thought he heard a scream. "I wish I had someone to hold on to." He said to himself. When he got to the front door he noticed that the door was closed. He tugged on the doorknob but he couldn't get it open. Since he was brave he rang the doorbell. To his surprise the door opened. "Hello!" he hollered. His voice echoed in the large house. He walked down the long, narrow hallway expecting a monster to pop out and scare him half to death. It didn't happen.

At the end of the hallway there was a large room with a sofa and a love seat. All were covered with white sheets. He sat down on the sofa and fell asleep. He woke up at a quarter to 2. He sat for a while so that his eyes could get used to the light. After a while he got onto his feet and went into the next room, which was the dining room. He noticed that there was food on the table. He didn't mind about the food or the room. He just started to walk to the next room, which was the kitchen. In the kitchen there was a big, big, table. On the table there was a plate with jolly ranchers on it. He took one opened the wrapper and popped it in his mouth without knowing it was apple. He didn't like apple. "Yuck!" jack said as he spit out the jolly rancher. He felt a tingle in his stomach.

He looked to his left and saw a staircase leading to the second floor. He threw the jolly rancher on the floor and ran up the old and creaky stairs. When he got to the top, there were two hallways leading into opposite directions of the house. He looked into the first hallway and saw a light. He looked into the second hallway and saw an even brighter light. He chose to go down the dimmer hallway. As he walked down the hallway he noticed the signs of age on the old 1930's paint. He looked at all the pictures of all the people who once lived in the house. As he continued down the hallway he noticed that it was actually getting a bit darker than how it looked originally. When he got to the end he turned around but froze. He heard a big crash.

He looked down behind him and saw a flashlight. It was his. He looked at his bookbag and saw that the front pocket that held his flashlight looked like somebody or something had gone through it. He looked through it and noticed that his artpad and spelling workbook were gone.

He put his backpack back on and ran down the hallway and almost tripped on his way down the stairs. He kept running until he entered the big room with the couches. He stopped there because his artpad was on the love seat and his spelling workbook was on the sofa.

He picked them up, put them in his bookbag and ran to the front door. He tugged on the front door but it wouldn't open. He slid to the floor and started crying. Then he heard a growl. A loud growl. A hungry growl. He looked up and saw a mysterious creature grinning at him. Di had decided to come back. When she was right in front of the house she heard a loud, long scream. Jack was never seen again…