Don't you know it's a

Beautiful thing

Take a moment just to

Hear the birds sing

No one has to tell you

The way to live your life

We are all just creatures here

Engaged in our own fights

Don't you know that happiness

Is worth the price to find

Without regret, you'll find it here

Every moment in your mind

One word or two can make the change

If you say it in your voice

If you believe in what you seek

Then the rest will see your choice

No one wants to be unhappy

That's just no way to live

But if you find your thoughts in pain

It is that much harder to forgive

Don't you know it isn't by choice

That pain finds you here

Without all of these obstacles

Life is drab, dull, and blear

Find a gentle hand

One to help you stand

And when you see a friend who's down

Give a smile to turn them around

Don't you know its wise

Through each other's eyes

We can find this day is fine

We've no need for any sign

Published: 10/08/08