Sung to the tune of The Grateful Dead's 'Sugar Magnolia'; no, I did not write lyrics for the 'Sunshine Daydream' segment.

Triple-dipped tabbing

Caught in a moment

Looking for water

And finding air

With our white-washed

Sun-bleached forgiveness

We will be tempted

To race from despair

Up on the mountain

Sunlight and flowers

Wander like rodents

Seeking to fly

There is a time, yet,

But it is upon us

Flowing like snow-spill

Down from the mountain heights

Lucy came to play with her children

Alice D. wanted to be free

Just like her sons and all of her daughters

With naught to battle- ill at ease

Colors are deep and shadows are blinding

Distance is measured in do or don't

The backhills are empty and silent

Waits in a line behind those who won't

There is musical-magic occasion

Fake people stuck in a folding book

Down in the city we hear just our voices

Eyes forever trapped by other's holding looks

Lucy is simple

Lucy is knowing

Lucy is trying

Trying but lying

She fries just

To keep from crying

Well, I'll make it clear

With statement, here

If you feel the need to be-yonder

If you feel that you're at your end

Instead of an answer from your liquid master

Trust in the crutches you defend

If you're by yourself in the desert

If the wind has blown out your light

Seek for religion in shy, cloistered cactus

Instead of paper, just go green, green…

Oh, isn't it always right

Always right

Published: 10/20/08

A/N: It is a little somber at first but it lightens up at the end. Again, played with the tune it is very chill. Don't ask why I felt like writing about Acid today; I haven't done that shit in at least a month and a half or something, and don't plan on doing it for the rest of my life ever again lol (as you can see by the last stanzas).