Faerie Tale Ending.x

In the dark, I groped around

The world fell silent, not a sound.

Dawn came about, and I was lost

My future glazed over with bitter frost.

I lift my eyes and slightly pale,

I'll try to breathe, try not to fail.

Bright eyes slide up to meet my own,

Cherry lips tremble in fear,

After that I wasn't ever alone,

I caught my own sweet faerie here.

"Eh, Mint, how long do your kind live anyway?" I asked curiously.

Mint's bright golden eyes snapped up to meet my own, bitter revulsion on his usually sweet face. He despised me with every fibre of his being, and I knew it. "Us fey," he began sourly, "live over hundreds of years, unlike your futile race."

"Yes, but a member of my futile race caught a member of your fabled race." I shot back, smirking lightly.

Mint scowled at me. And as he did, I stared. He was truly the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen; with his bright, unnaturally angular, golden eyes, and his soft, long, dark hair that was both indefinable in colour as it was interesting, it had this iridescent quality to it; it was a mix of different shades of reds and yellows, came out this bright, burnt autumn cum sunset colour, his skin was silvery and as pale as the moon, he had high cheek bones, elegant, well set features and two cherry red, heart shaped lips. He often wondered, as he watched Mint sleep, what it would be like to kiss them, or what he would taste like. It was odd, he had never ached for anything more than he did Mint. It was a demanding, dominant feeling that rung in every bone of his body.

"What are you looking at, human?" he said in the bitterest tone I'd ever heard.

"You," the word slipped out of my mouth before I knew what was going on. A pretty pink blush adorned his cheeks and he looked down. I leaned in, wanting so desperately to kiss him, but he placed his hands softly on my chest and pushed me away.

Rejection washed over me.

Suddenly, the world was alright

Flames of passion burning bright,

Stuck in my own baleful dream,

Things aren't always what they seem.

Love killed me, pierced me with his blade,

As I bore my affection, just so he could fade.

A few days passed with total silence from myself. He tried to open a few conversations, but my monosyllables of answers didn't satisfy him but he didn't once give up, and never succeeded, that is, until the fourth day after the near-kiss. He slipped his hand within mine, interlacing our fingers without a word. "Why?" I breathed.

"I felt like it,"

He dropped my hand like a grenade though, as if he heard something, I frowned, missing the warm tingly sensation he had provided.

"Minthael," the voice was silky, and soft, a figure stepped out of the shadows. Tall, with two skeletical wings extended from his spine, the fey had silver hair, silver face, bright green eyes, and the same elegant quality. I felt so inferior in their presence. "I found you, finally." His green eyes snapped to mine, a deep hate within the sparkling orbs.

He was here to take Mint. He was here to take my faerie away.

The fey came for him, too quick, too soon,

Also fair, shaming the moon,

With a pretty voice, and a pretty face,

He had a quality I couldn't replace.

I looked down at the ground, heart constricting inside,

Knowing internally that he would never stay,

And with that the fey advanced…

And stole my faerie's heart away

"Andreal!" Mint said, his features not betraying his excitement, his joy, "You—You came."

"Of course," Andreal said gently. "Shall we head home?"

Mint was about to say yes, I knew it, I let out a heavy sigh, unwillingly getting Mint's attention. He looked at me guiltily, with sad sympathy. I didn't want his sympathy, I didn't want anything from him anymore. As long as he wanted Andreal that is. I felt my heart drop to my stomach like a stone, and cold shivers spread across my skin.

Please don't go.

I truly wanted to say that, but I never could. I wanted him, he wanted Andreal, Andreal wanted him too, and no one wanted me.

Unwanted, the feeling washed over like ice,

Twisting the sweetness into dreadful spice,

He gave me this sad look and then

I was left all alone again.

"Andreal, meet me at the creek, I want to talk to…it," he said. I cringed when he didn't say my name, I was nothing to him.

"Alright, love." Andreal shot me another hateful look and disappeared.

"What did you want to say to it, Mint?" I said, not quite managing the angry tone and instead resorting to a hurt, broken tone.

Apology washed over all his features. "E—"

"There's no point in trying, Mint, you can just go, it doesn't matter, I don't want your pity. I don't want an apology. I wanted you, but you belong to him." I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

He sighed, "I didn't avoid kissing you because I didn't want to kiss you."


"It would kill you, and Andreal would've come for me anyway, it wouldn't have been worth it."

The pain was too much, it was hard breathing, my ears were buzzing. I just wanted him to go. "You're wrong," I said.

"You would rather die than just let me go?" Mint said incredulously.

"Shows how stupid I am, dying for a faerie, wasting my futile human life." I rubbed my nose.

He cupped my face gently. "I don't want to do this."

"I want you to do this."

But he came back and with a kiss,

He filled me with poisonous bliss,

And as his lips touched my own,

My soul slipped off to the unknown.

So that piece was pretty much a random oneshot. The poem is also mine and I am fully aware I'm not much of a poet, it just slipped out.