National Poetry Day

These are the words that fill the white space

These are the words that echo through my brain

The words I hope to share or try to conceal

The words in my mind that show you how I feel

Slowly gliding my fingers across the computer keypad

This is for all the friends I've had

You've seen my really bad rhyme

And if you're lucky I've shown you my writing

Then you truly have a piece of my heart

It's National Poetry Day today and I though I do my bit

So here's my poem and tell me what you think:

Silence fills the air around

The Images of you filL my consciOusness

I know you can't, won't like me, but I do anyway

CarVing your name into my hEad and my heart

I think of possibilities, I'm becoming obsessed

Such a sillY girl, making such a mess

The perfect man from a glance

YOu seem so ideal, there's got to be a catch

Well of coUrse there is, what can I say

You're e - not allowed

So, I must keep my feelings at bay

I'm going to admire, and hold those glances close

'Cos it's as close as I'll get to my floaty 'dreamboat'

Those deep blue eyes made from the sea

They are making me and f l y so high

Each little look makes me die inside

But you are the forbidden fruit

In the Garden of Eden

So perfect, beautiful

Oh, if I could just take one small bite...