I'm Sorry

I'm sorry that I didn't say
What I needed most
I'm sorry that you were hurt
I'm sorry that you're mad
I'm sorry that I cant forget
Everything that we shared
I'm sorry for all the time we spent
Growing close to one another
I'm sorry for the love we shared
That we said could never part
I'm sorry for a misunderstanding
I'm sorry for it all
I'm sorry that time cannot erase
All the mistakes I have made
Someday maybe things will change
But for now what I say is this:
I'm sorry for the pain I caused
Unto you my friend
I'm sorry for the sorrow
That is encaptured upon us both
I'm sorry that I messed up
I'm sorry that I cried
I'm sorry that I wasn't strong
I'm sorry that it's gone
I wish that time could change our fate
And that the friendship could last
There would be too much pain
If that wish were granted now
Please know that I still care
And that I'll never stop
That I'll always love you
No matter what the world may bring
It was no coincidence
That we were friends
That we were so close
Or that I will always care.
Eternally I will love you
Eternally I will care
Please do not be mad at me
Despite the mess I've made
Always friends, sisters for life
Isn't that what we said?
I'm sorry for everything
That I never did.
I'm sorry for a broken promised
The one I made last year
I'm sorry that I couldn't keep it
But the pain was too much to bear
I'm sorry for everything
That time can not erase.


Written a few years ago for someone who is no longer in my life. There's a story behind it, if you can get through the "metaphors" so to speak, you'll understand this poem's true meaning.