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Chapter 1: Escape

The first step, they say, is to admit it or something along those lines. I admit that I, Emerale Green, am a convicted criminal. I have committed more crimes than the average seventeen-year-old. I have done almost everything from shoplifting to burglary to grand theft auto. No sex crimes. Never have. Never will. Don't ask me either and believe me I have been and all that guy ever got was a face full of my fist.

I have done all of those things and I have never been arrested. Know why? It is because even though I've never finished high school I am smarted than most people my age. I can easily get away from or cover up any crime and no one has ever caught me. But today, well, I was caught. For the first time in all of my criminal life I have been arrested because of a stupid mistake. Hold on a second, before you say, "Nice going, moron." It was not my fault.

Let me explain. Bob, the owner of this famous casino, owed my crime buddy, T-bone, a whole lot of money. So, T-bone thought of the brilliant idea that we were going to steal it since Bob was never going to pay it back. Once we got the stealing part out of the way, we hopped in T-bone's car and drove off to Miami, Florida. We were planning to stay in a hotel, a pretty fancy one by the way, with some of the money we stole. After we got in the hotel, I had a feeling like someone was watching us. I told T-bone who told me I was overreacting and continued to go to his room.

Man, I don't know how Bob did it but he did. He, somehow, knew which room we were going to be staying in. I'm pretty sure he set us up. After a few lame lines I can not seem to get over, he had us arrested.

Therefore, all of this is T-bone's fault. It is his fault for not listening to me and he knows too damn well to listen to me when I have my "feelings". I have been a criminal longer than he has and he should ALWAYS listen to me! But no, he had to listen to his big fat ego just because he pulled one heist and manage to, almost, get away with it because he isn't as good at being a criminal as I am. So I blame him.

So, at that moment, we were being pulled towards the very ugly, very old, very…patriotic police cars. I was very pissed (excuse my French) to say the least. Luckily, though, these cops weren't very smart or well-trained. The reason is, once they put us in the car they left the door open, left us there, and walked off.

How stupid.

I looked at T-bone wide eyed. He looked back at me with a look that clearly said 'how stupid can you get?' I looked back towards the cops and they were talking to Bob about something. I turned back to T-bone and nodded. Together, we got out of the car and walked toward T-bone's car which was a good 400 feet away. I stopped suddenly and looked back at the car. Those morons left the money on the trunk of the car. I turned my head to the cops and Bob, they weren't paying attention. So I got my hands in front of me with a little effort since I was standing, ran up to the car, grabbed the bag, and ran all the way to T-bone's car all in about two minutes.

Since T-bone's hands were still cuffed behind his back, he had to turn his back to the car to get it opened. While he was doing this, I made sure the cops and Bob were still blabbing away to each other. They were but I wasn't sure how long that could last. I was getting a little impatient.

I heard T-bone get the door open and heard some shuffling inside like he was looking for something.

"Hurry up, T-bone." I whispered.

"I'm looking for the cuff-keys." He whispered back. "Aha!"

I turned toward T-bone to see he had gotten his hands in front of him just like I taught him. I had no time to gush at him and say how proud I was of him because even I know when not to make a sarcastic comment. While he was trying to unlock his handcuffs, I went back to watching the idiot cops and that even bigger idiot, Bob, to make sure they were still distracted. I gasped when I saw the cops heading back towards the patrol car. The door we had gotten out from was on the other side of the car so they couldn't see. I was also a bit surprised they hadn't noticed the money bag was missing, but I was sure they would notice in a few seconds.

"T-bone!" I warned him. But he had already gotten the cuffs off and was heading towards me to undo mine. I shook my head signaling that there was no time. He nodded and went to the driver's side of the car. I, then, threw the money bag into the back seat. I turned to see the cops had noticed our absence and were running toward us.

"Crap! T-bone, start the car!" I commanded T-bone while I climbed in.

"Crap!" He muttered and put the car key in the ignition and started it up.

By the time the cops had almost reached us, I reached out, grabbed the door, and slammed it shut. "GO, GO!" I screamed.

T-bone slammed on the acceleration and sped out of there at a speed that almost felt like light-speed. We sped on the road for a while before we saw that nobody was following us.

"We lost them, I think." I said to T-bone while still looking behind us. I know I was being paranoid at that moment because I was fully aware we left them in the dust. Plus, our car was kind of far away from their cop car so we had a head start.

I looked behind us for a minute longer before finally turning around to face the front. I sighed, relieved. We had gotten away for the time being. I just stared out the windshield until my temper flared up.

"What the hell were you thinking! You know in a job like this you can't just get cocky! And what do you do? You get cocky just like you aren't supposed to. I have been in this business for four years. Since I was twelve. Twelve! I had more sense back then than you do now and you're older than me! Aren't older people supposed to be, I don't know, wiser? I heard that some place before I just don't know where. Maybe I saw it in a magazine—"

"Are you done with your little temper tantrum?" he asked. I stopped for a second. I didn't feel mad anymore so I just nodded. "Good then," He said, "Now we just need to where to go."

"Um…." I said subconsciously. I do that when I start to think. Habit. Well, I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. I smiled at him.

"No, we can not go to Hawaii." Darn! How does he know me so well?

"Fine." I sulked and tried to think of somewhere else to go. I wanted to go to someplace that had a good Hot Topic.

You see, I am a very dedicated Goth. My hair is dyed black and is styled kind of like emo guys wear it except it's a little longer in the back, down to the bottom of my neck. In the front, it hangs down to my chin obscuring the whole left side of my face.

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Eh… Sorry, I'm a blabber mouth. Let's get back to the story.

"I'm thinking I want to go to…" I paused to think about where I wanted to go. Well, we were already down south and when I think south I think, "Texas."

"Texas? Why Texas? What made you think of that?" He took his eyes off the road for a moment to look at me.

"Don't question me, boy. Drive!" I demanded in what was possibly the worst Texan accent ever.

He laughed at me and said in the same accent, mocking me, "Yes ma'am. Giddy up!" He said to the car and sped up. I wondered how long it would take to get from Miami, Florida to some city in Texas. I frowned. Probably a very, very long time. My eyes widened and I glanced at T-bone who was keeping his eyes on the road and humming to himself. Oh, God.

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