Chapter 3: Plan

Rys's Point of View

Holy shit. I can not believe this. This is the girl my dad wanted to put in jail? She looked harmless….well looked harmless. That punch she hit me with made me think otherwise. She may have a bit of an attitude but I doubt she would commit a felony like that. I mean, look at her! She is majorly short. She barely reaches my chest to my six foot self. She just looks so cute.

"You mean you're related to that asshole casino owner?" Emerale asked me with wide eyes after a moment of silence. Well, maybe not that cute.

"Yeah, and he is not an asshole. Just maybe a bit harsh." That is true. Once, he sent me to my room for a whole twenty-four hours without food because I forgot to flush the toilet.

"Well, eh heh, it was nice meeting you. I, um, have to get home now, my mom is probably worried I was raped or something like that." She informed me, she smiled at me before turning around and started to walk off. It sounded like she was nervous or something. Well, I guess she should because my dad is looking for her.

"Okay, see you later, babe!" I yelled while waving at her.

"Don't call me babe, douche!" Feisty one she is.

"Ouch, babe! That hurt me right here!" I pointed to my chest with a pained expression like it really hurt me and started to follow her.

She heard my footsteps and started to walk faster to try and get away from me I guess, but I kept up with her seeing as I had longer legs. Finally, she stopped and turned around to face me. Emerale was staring at me with a death glare so scary I was actually scared for my life for a second.

"Why are you following me?" She asked in an 'I am so pissed off I am going to kill you any second' voice.

"Because you amuse me." I answered truthfully and with a straight face. It was fun pissing her off.

"Do you want me to punch you again? And this time, it will not be on accident."

"Ohh, I am so scared!" I pretended to cower in fear with my hands over my head and my eyes closed. After a moment, I straightened back up and laughed. But what I didn't know was that she already had left, leaving me laughing in front of the park looking like a crazy person.

Emerale's Point of View

That asshole! I cannot believe him. Every time Rys had spoken, it just made me even more pissed off than I already was. I can't believe I gave him my name, now he probably knows who I am. My question is, though, why didn't he call the police when he had the chance? I was standing right there and all he did was be an ass. I sighed. I probably never will understand him….wait, I say that like I'm going to see him again, which I am not. I will never again see that arrogant, selfish, vain, perfect, lovely, hot….what the hell am I thinking?! I will never see that boy again. Ever.

After I had left the idiot laughing at his own joke (which will never be cool) in front of the park entrance, I walked back the way I had came. I wondered if T-bone was home yet and if he got plenty of peanut butter. Yes, that is right. I love peanut butter. Sue me.

Oh damn. If T-bone ever finds out about my little meeting with Rys, he would kill me before I had a chance to explain. I guess I would have to keep it a secret. I am so very good at lying. I guess it comes in the job description.

I entered the hotel and started to walk over to the elevator but was called over to the front desk by a kid probably a year younger than me. I walked over with my hands stuffed in the pockets of my hoodie. When I got there, he handed me a note. 'I swear, kid, if this is your number….' I started to think when I opened the note. It was actually a note from T-bone. I read it.


I went back out because we were running low. Yes, there is plenty of peanut butter so I hope you enjoy that. Stay inside for the rest of the night until I come back.


We were running low? Oh, I didn't even notice. If you don't know what T-bone is talking about, he is talking about the money. He must have spent a lot getting groceries. I put the note inside my pocket and headed to the elevator. I pressed the 'four' button. When I got to the fourth floor, I headed into the hallway. I reached mine and T-bone's room when I heard voices. I admit, I am a little nosey. So, I went down the hall to a corner where the voices were coming from. I hid behind the corner and saw a man and a woman. The man looked like he worked in the hotel because he had on the uniform. White shirt with the emblem on it, white pants, and black shoes. The woman just looked like a tourist. She had on an ugly floral print shirt, jeans, and white tennis shoes. They both had blonde hair, just in different shades. The woman had a darker shade while the man had a lighter shade, almost yellow. As I listened to their conversation, I was very surprised at the fact that they were talking about me and T-bone. I didn't know people would be that interested.

"I think they should hurry and catch those hooligans. I don't want anything stolen from me!" The woman said worriedly. I doubt she had anything worth stealing.

"Yes, I agree. The longer those criminals are out on the streets, the worst it's going to get. Did you hear about the robbery at the drug store that happened two hours ago?" The man asked. I thought about T-bone as he said this. He must have done that.

"Oh, Goodness. It must have been one of those criminals. I never would have thought they would have come to Dallas. You know, I thought I saw two people who are guests here that looked exactly like the sketches they showed on the television. But it might have been my imagination. I am pretty old." Not pretty old, lady. You ARE old.

"I don't know. I think I did see that girl, what was her name, Emerale Green. Either it was her or it wasn't but it looked an awful lot like her. She is kind of cute." I don't think so, buddy. He was at least ten years my senior.

I had enough of this. I turned back around and walked back towards the room. So, people do suspect we reside here but aren't sure. I do not understand why no one has called the police. Maybe it's because they are so polite around here that they don't want to bother the police with a false accusation. How sweet of them.

I reached the room, pulled out my key, and opened the door. T-bone wasn't there yet and I was starting to get worried. I went over to my bed and grabbed my knap-sack. I dug around in there before I pulled out my cell phone. I held down the one button for speed dial so it would call T-bone. Putting the phone up to my ear, I waited.

It rang three times before he picked it up, "Em? What's up?"

I sighed in relief before I answered, "It is taking you a very long time to rob a drug store. Why is that?" I was very annoyed. I thought I taught him better than that.

"I got a little side-tracked. Wait, how did you know I was doing that?"

"I'm guessing it was on the news or something. I heard some people talking about it. Anyway, they were also talking about how they saw us here in this hotel. They aren't exactly sure it was us so they didn't call anybody but we should be more careful from now on." I left out the part about Rys for many reasons.

"Alright. I'll be back in a little bit. Stay inside." He reminded me.

"Yeah, Yeah, whatever." I said before hanging up. Now I needed to figure out what to do about Rys. I needed a plan.

Wow. I do not like this chapter. It's way too short. But I guess this is what I get for not planning ahead.

So, Rys is Bob's son. I guess you never expected that huh? :)

More to come soon! Be on the lookout!