This story originally came from the poem, Screaming At The Moon. At first, it was one chapter, and about 3, 240 or so words. It was written for a short-story assignment for Lit & Comp, and also because a certain person kept bugging me to write it =P

Well, I'm glad Violent Messiah (my great FH) bugged me to write it, because now Calyx has her own story, and I gotta admit, she's fun to write.

I'm still looking for a better title to this story, and if I'm lucky, I'll find one soon, because I'm in the process of rewriting this. I don't think the original is all that good, and that's the reason why this note has replaced it =P

Also, Calyx has a face!


So, woot! to that =D

Hopefully, I'll get this story done sooner than later, because I really don't want Calyx haunting me to complete her story anymore. She's a scary bugger 0.o

Here's for hoping for enough inspiration to finish this story!

~Caecilia Bellz