Chapter One

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Summary: Elle had always been the rebellious student at her school, and not many people could bare her company. But one of the people that could, Rob Harte, never stopped helping her through her family troubles. They loved each other with every ounce of their being, but somehow Elles unexpected pregnancy tears them apart and threatens their entire future...

She lay in his bed, clutching the sheet to herself as he breathed heavily next to her, his perfect back exposed to the dim light peeking through the blinds. How had she ended up finding him, ended up back in his bed? After 14 years of painful separation, how had she fallen for him all over again? She sat up lightly, careful not to wake him as she pulled her clothes on, desperate to get out before he woke. Her dark hair tumbled around her face, masking the blush that spread across her cheeks as she allowed herself another glimpse at his perfect silent form. Even after 14 years, her heart ached for him, but she knew like she always had that she could never have him. After hastily pulling her clothes on, she planted a soft kiss on his smooth lips and left, leaving her heart behind as she had many years before.


"Elle, get down here. Now." Her mothers voice floated up the stairs, and she immediately groaned to herself as she prepared for the confrontation that would be coming. Sighing, she pulled the quilt back and allowed herself a quick glance at her reflection; her long chocolate hair was wild and untamed, falling past her breasts and ending just before the hem of her baggy band shirt; makeup from last nights partying was still evident on her face, and she guessed that was what her mother was yelling her down for.

"What now?" She asked, walking into the kitchen and supressing a yawn which she knew would only anger her mother further. Anger was evident in her eyes as she sat opposite her, her father stood behind her with a slight look of amusement on his face. Of course he would find this amusing.

"Maybe you can explain this to us?" Her mother said, pushing a small bag towards her. She took it curiously, and emptied its contents into her hand, a small gasp crossing her face. "Well?" She ignored her mothers questions, instead choosing to look at the assortment of pills that filled her hand. "Goddamnit Elle! What are you doing with E?"

"It's not mine!" She yelled, dropping the pills onto the table as she stood up in shock. Her father stared at her in silence, the look of amusement still clear on his face. "You! You bastard!" She yelled, pointing at him. The look dropped from his face as she ran at him, her hands hitting into his chest as forcefully as a sixteen year old could manage. He pushed her off easily, locking her arms above her head in front of him as she struggled to get free from his grip.

"Don't you dare blame this on your father! I found these under your bed!" Her mother yelled, suddenly standing at her fathers side with a mixed look of anger and disbelief on her face. "You've dissapointed us yet again Elle."

"Mom, can't you see what he's doing? He's trying to turn you against me! To alienate me! He's sick, you sick bastard! I hate you!" She was yelling at her father yet again, struggling against his iron grip as her mother shook her head in disbelief.

"Why do you always blame your father Elle? We're trying to help you!"

"Fuck you, Fuck you both!" Elle yelled, and was suddenly knocked backwards as her mothers hand connected with her face. She was released from her fathers grip as sent stumbling back into the table, the sudden shock sending the pills skittering across the floor.

"Get out. Get out of my house, you are no longer welcome here!" Her mom yelled, gripping her husbands arm for support as she sent her only daughter packing. Elle fled, storming up the stairs to back her bags as her mother broke down in tears, comforted by her manipulative husband. "Where did we go wrong Grant?"

"I don't know sweetie." He said, holding his wife in his strong grip as he smirked to himself, glad that his plan had worked. "Let me go talk to her." He whispered, kissing her head softly as she gripped the sink for support, leaving him to follow Elle calmly up the stairs. She had already started packing her bags, stuffing clothes in as quickly as she could find them. She hadn't noticed his entrance, and he shut the door behind him with a soft click.

"Get out!" She yelled, stuffing a bunch of jumpers in her bag as she turned to face him. He laughed quietly, which tipped her over the edge as she flew at him, her hand connecting harshly with his face. Stronger than her, he gripped both her arms tightly in one arm, ignoring her moans of pain as he grabbed her harsly round the neck with his free hand. He pushed her back on the bed, his hand choking her as he held her down and whispered softly in her ear.

"Know this, you little shit. I never wanted you, your mother doesn't anymore. And after a few days, Annie won't even remember your name. And know this; I've won. All your manipulative attempts to tell your mother about my affairs failed. She will always believe me, never you. You are not wanted here." With that, he released her from his grip as she gasped for air, the door shutting softly behind him as he left. Tears stung her eyes as she reached for her mobile, hoping desperately for a place to stay.


She sat on his bed, the tears flowing from her eyes as he wrapped his arms around her in a sad attempt to comfort her. Rob's family had always welcomed her with open arms, and she was grateful now more than ever to have Rob as a good friend; he was one of the few people who knew about her situation at home. She had arrived less than half an hour ago, walking for an hour in the cruel rain with her luggage and tears pouring down her face to collapse in his arms as he opened the door. Everything had been a blur to her after she had arrived, and she vaguely remembered him delicately helping her into a change of warm clothes (one of his big band shirts that she loved so much) as his mother was at work. She didn't blush at the fact he had seen her almost naked; she had been through too much to feel so cringeworthy.

"Elle, you need sleep. After last night and everything this morning, you need a few hours of decent sleep." He said, pulling away from her embrace and laughing lightly at his tear stained grey shirt. She nodded in agreement, a small tear flowing down her cheek in silence. He reached out gently and touched the tear with his thumb, hesitating at the contact with her skin as he put his thumb in his mouth, her taste sweet. "Come on, you can sleep here." He stood and pulled the quilt back slightly, watching her quietly as she crawled into his double bed and cuddled a pillow closer to her.

"Rob, will you..." Her voice trailed off as her deep brown eyes bore into his, the hesitation evident in the air between them, "Will you stay with me please? I could really use a friend right now." She said, sitting up and patting the bed next to her gingerly. He hesitated before kicking off his shoes and taking off his top, choosing to stay in his joggers. He climbed in next to her arkwardly, pulling her closer to him as she rested her head on his bare chest, and he hoped that she wouldn't notice the increase in his heartbeat.

"Thank you..." Her voice trailed off as she fell asleep, her breath tickling his chest as he held her closer, hoping to never let her go. Time passed as he watched her sleep, her beautiful face no longer stained with fear or pain as he held her, her long hair ticking his arm as he rubbed patterns into her back.


She woke up hours later, her mind oddly at peace as it took her a moment to get used to her surroundings. Robs chest lay under her, moving up and down in sync with his breathing as he muttered in his sleep. They had moved closer in their sleep, her arm flung across his chest as he held her close, their legs intwined and their faces close enough to leave her gasping for breath. She looked at his perfect features, his eyes moving as he dreamt about something pleasant no doubt. His lips stayed perfectly still, and she ached to touch them, her hand stroking his cheek softly as she moved her face closer to his. She had dreamt about this moment thousands of times, and she ached to kiss him, to feel his lips upon hers. Yet she restrained herself, not letting her urges get the better of her as she settled for kissing the crook of his neck instead.

"Oh Rob, I..." Her voice trailed off as she stared at his features, her breath catching in her throat as she tried to force herself to admit her feelings. "If only you knew how I felt."

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