Fix You

The first time I saw you that night,

your skin as white as snow,

blue eyes panicing

and glistening in the dark.

You turned your tear stained face,

and ran away from me,

your black mane billowing behind you,

And I stood still,

enchanted by all that you were.

I wanted to take you in my arms,

wipe away your tears

and promise you that

I'll take away all your troubles

and make this world a better place,

just for you.

I ran after you.

Ignored all your shouts,

asking me to go away.

And I've been following you ever since.

I've been here for so long now,

waiting to catch you again as you fall.

When will you realise,

I want to be more than your friend?

When will you realise,

I can't stand here and just watch anymore?

He's playing with you,

amusing himself.

I can't stand here and just watch anymore,

as he tears you apart.

Honey, I want to put you back together again,

just like I did that night.

(if only for a moment)

I want your smile to reach your eyes again.

(if only for a moment)

Just think of life without him.

(if only for a moment)

I'll put you back together again,

but only you can heal yourself.

You need to let me in,

and let go of him.

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