Why Did You Fall For Me?

Wedding bells rang.

Clashed together.

I kissed the man I loved.

We both went down the aisle.

Clutching hands.

I smiled so happily.

Then I saw you at my wedding.

Frowning was what I did.

You loved me and I loved you.

But that was all in high school.

All in the past.

Even though I broke up with you.

You still kept on chasing after me.

You did everything to get my attention.

That is.

Until I invited you to my wedding.

You frowned that day.

Do you want to know why I broke up with you?

It was all because of an arranged marriage.

At first I despised it.

But soon, later I fell for him.


Even though I still love you to this day.

I'm sorry.

I pretended I hated you.

Even though I dont.

I yelled at you.

Every single moment I had with you.

I hated all those moments.

I wanted to tell you the truth.

But I was scared if I felt betraying.

But the thing is I love this man.

I'm sorry.

Farewell, my dear friend.

Author's notes: I wrote this poem in the summer but never uploaded cuz I got pretty lazy and thought it would be no good. (: