Chapter One

I weakly lifted myself up off of the floor, and carefully walked toward the door, in tears "Marcus if you keep treating me like this then I'm leaving." I said with sudden gust of courage.

"Lynn, if you think that you're leaving me, you've got another thing coming baby. The only way you can leave me is through death," Marcus said "and who do you think you are threatening?" He questioned, walking pass, pushing me back, and blocking my only exit.

The tears started pouring faster down my cheeks and I could hear my heart beat in my ears "Marcus why are you doing this to me? What has happened to you?" I asked inched closer to my bedroom.

"I'm doing this, because I love you, baby, and I can't have you going around, flirting with guys, and cheating on me," He almost looked sincere as he said that, almost "Nothing has happened to me I am the same man that you've loved for the past three years." He stated as he tried to embrace me in a hug, but I pushed him away.

"You don't love me, if you did, you wouldn't hurt me like you're doing now." I said as I attempted to walk into the bedroom, but he grabbed my arm violently, and pulled me back.

"Who do you think you're talking to like that?!" He questioned, yelling in my ear.

I quickly snatched away from him, and ran into the bedroom. Not a second after I locked the door, the knob jiggled and he started to bang on the door and yell. "Miya Lynn! Open this damn door now!" He shouted

I ignored him. He must really think I'm stupid. He most likely does believe that. I let him get away with everything believing that I didn't know of what he was up to.

I remember when he started cheating on me. It started sometime last year. Women would give him strange flirtatious looks, and blow him kisses his way. I would watch him return the flirtatious gestures, as if He thought that I was oblivious to the world and wouldn't know what's going on in front of my face.

One time, we went to see a movie, he left me in the middle of the movie to "use the restroom", I ended up watching the rest of the movie by myself. When I left the theater, I see him coming out of the restroom area with, a woman that I recognized from in the theater we were in. She wouldn't be so familiar if she didn't rudely bump into me as we walked into the movie theater. I knew she was some type of whore as soon as I seen her. The little hussy, she dressed like Tramp that you pick up off the streets.

For me to see him with her, hurt my feelings badly. 'Is that how he wanted me to dress and act? Like I didn't have any respect for myself?' is all I could ask myself for the rest of that night. I didn't say anything to him that whole night. I slept on the couch that night also. I loved him too much to leave him. But that was before the abuse, and now I have to get outta here because if I don't, I'm sure that he'll kill me. The love I had for him has slowly but surely faded away.

I swiftly grabbed my suitcase out of the closet and started to pack. In between packing my shirts and shorts, is when I decided to think of away to get outta here. I didn't have many friends, and the only ones I had most likely wouldn't help me because they were all Marcus's friends. The only people I had left to call was my family, and they were my last resort. I don't have much people that I can rely on for help. I really don't want to call those hood-rats, to help me but I rather face them than to die. They're my only hope. I picked up the cordless and dialed my not so favorite cousin's number. I heard the first ring as I sniffled and wiped my nose with my suede-like shirt sleeve.

"Hello, Williams's residents, who would you like to speak too?" said a little voice from the other side of the receiver. The voice couldn't belong to anyone older than 6. It was most likely her son, Jaden. He was just potty trained around the time I left. Out of them all, I missed him the most. I had hope for him to not be like the others.

"Yes, please, may I speak to Latrece please?" I asked the little voice.

"Yes you may, hold on please," He put me on hold. Soon after I heard him in the background "Mommy the phone is for you!"

"Hello?" I heard a soft femanine voice answer.

"Latrece?" I questioned the voice.

"Yes, who's speaking" She questioned back.

"Um Latrece, this is Miya Lynn" I told.

"Well well, what do I owe this call too?" She replied

"Please, Latrece, I need your help, Marcus has been abusing me and right now, I think he is tryna kill me"

"I'll think about it, I knew this would turn around and blow up in ya face, and did you just say 'tryna'? I see your true colors come out when you need something from people you turned on." She said, I can tell she is getting pissed

"Please Latrece! I'm so sorry, please just send someone!" I begged as I gave her my address and Cell number. Speaking of cells. I had to make sure I got mine before I leave.

"Fine, whateva, I'll send Kev and 'em ova ya way iight," She said "You lucky, you family." She said after she hung up on me.

Damn, I don't know how to get back on their good side. Even though I don't want their friendship, they were still my family. I felt a pang of Guilt in my chest.