Amongst the crater in the facility was the man barely standing up as his skin and essence was inefficient to even perform the simple motion of standing up normally.

Luckily he had been given the ability of "Leech", specifying that he could regenerate his entire body by absorbing the life waves of any unfortunately placed victim and restore his body back to it's original state of being.

He began to walk through the condemned building inspecting the area throughly, checking every detail, since he had been away from Earth for over ten thousand years.

Soon he came to the basement where several storage pods contained many men stored in excessive fluids to enhance muscle growth, body function and mental capabilities.

He walked to the side of each of the green colored liquid filled pods noticing the absence of one of the projected super solders.

It protruded him breifly for a second as he contemplated why one of the soilders would be missing from the area but he brushed it off not really caring all that much about it as it hadn't really affected his mission in general submission.

But he was bewildered at the fact that technology and culture had changed one-eighty from what it was back in the times he once lived, for instance the barbaric ways of humans were gone and people started to care about others as well as the peace and well being of the world.

To even spend one second in this world would make him have his entire spirit cooked from the inside out like a hamburger being cooked on a grill or frying pan.

It made his soul quell with dread the thought of so much peace and joy as well as feelings of the well respected good people.

People that vowed to never be, or help out evil, the people that he couldn't stand heroes and angels that scattered among the surface of Earth destined for heaven when there life was finally over.

What he really hated was superheroes supposed demi-gods sent to protect the Earth, the heavens, space and the colostomy of all of the many universes in all epitome.

He walked carefully across the basement plotting his next move as he envisioned all of the many super solders in the heat of battle and using them as the powerful arm of his own tyrannical army, in which he could finally oppress his rule upon the masses that had tortured him.

But he knew none would understand him if he hadn't proper language accent and being so old meaned he needed to update his language.

Surely though he had another ability the ability to take any form of speech or written word and instantly understand the language.

He looked over to some written documents to solve that problem.

"・, 墨客 書類".

"Now just to see why these solders are precisely placed here".

Xeras went over to one of the containment pods and opened it.

The fluids spilled onto the floor and a wet muscled man came out in his underwear dripping wet.

Xeras then handed the man armor with many spikes sewn onto it and resembling that of an elephant.

"You will obey me and follow my orders exactly".

"Yes, sir precisely as you wish".

"Great, I happen to take a fondness towards you so far".

"I wouldn't have it any other way".

The man looked perplexed at him wondering to whom he was.

"My name is Xeras, I have been hibernating for over 10,000 years but now I have come back to take my empire and my revenge on existence".

"Therefore, I have decided to raise you and your friends around here to help me towards my benefit".

"Will you help me?".

"Agreed sir".

"You will take the name of something you possess since I don't know your actual real name".

"Therefore I will call you Tusks".

"Alright sir".

Xeras then headed toward the window to look out at the cold, damp, night sky.

"One of the many skies filled with nights".

"Just think of it the cold air which will soon get colder".