Forez quickly ran up to the upper ledge, to find that Carolyn had handled her situation well, except for one thing, she was bleeding from an injury.

"I saw you down there, pretty impressive Forez, Zero would be proud".

Forez saw the injury was a bullet, set into her ribs, the effects of which could be fatal.

"Carolyn, your injured, quickly, we must get you out of here, to the hospital, to a medical station".

"No need for that".


Forez then noticed the detonator in her hand, the detonator had a red flip trigger, much like the missile controls from his plane.

"It just happens the way it does, just the way it does, promise me you'll take care of Abel and Claire".

"Come on we can escape".

Seconds later soldiers came through the door, and up the stairs toward Forez and Carolyn, but these were their allied soldiers, who had something different about them.

", , come with us, we can get you patched up".

"I don't think so", Carolyn raised the detonator to their eyesight.

"Madam, if your planning on destroying this bunker, the charge is treason, and instant death".

"So be it, I shall very well call treason against your tyrannical authority, against your dictatorial cue, for that I am liberated".

The soldiers quickly raised their weapons toward her, they aimed precisely making the centimeter distance in their sights.

In less then the flash of a second, Forez grabbed a pistol from his holster and aimed at the soldiers in knelt position firing style.

"I don't know why you are taking this action Carolyn, but I will protect you at all costs".

"Forez, don't, put the gun down, these people need you, your a hero, your their savior, as for me well I can't say much, other then I'm just political baggage, I carry no real or majorly eccentric purpose".

"For all conformities and accrued standards, is the reason I must go kamikaze on this bunker, the weapons and supplies here could not only set up yet another war, but could also have the possibility of disintegrating existence as we know it to be true".

Forez turned his head around at that second, to see a rush of circular fire and heat spout into his face, the temperature gnawed at his armor and clothing, sending vast amounts of energy to his entire apparel, the like of which temperature changed from a neutral, to a powerful, boiling hot.

Closing his eyes then, he saw the whole complex destroyed, and found himself in scattered ash and debry, it appeared that he thought it was only a dream or a long nightmare, but after rubbing and rummaging his eyes around, he saw the opposed take and frame on the subjugated events.

Amongst the ash and debry, both sldiers and carolyn were desolated from even their seperate life form, it was ironic and perhaps deprived of moral dignity, that the allied soldiers rushing towards him, had no clue of his earlier treason, and instead treated him like loyalty, despite the fact that he should have been treated like garbage.

"Are you alright commander Forez?".

"The unity core saw gunfire and explosions, and the very tinge of our nerve was entwined with every sound and vibration".

"I'm fine, how did you all get here?".

"By air transport, we moved your vehicle out of the flag staff circle earlier, it has been returned to the air force base accordingly in it's slot".

"Alright, I must admit the truth to you gentlemen, before I even consider lying, I was in that building, and so was Carolyn Williams".

"Where is Miss Williams?".

"You saw the explosion right?".

"So that means Miss Williams is...?".

"Dead, yes indeed in a matter of attempting to summarize it up, she died in the explosion".

"And so I wanted it to be reported, that I had fought and battled on these premises, for the purpose of killing Xeras, and his great, vast army recruits".

The next day and it's trial of ordinance would leave Forez stunned as the moon that circumferences the sun in a blackened solar eclipse.