1. I HATE JERROLD! Are you going to kill him painfully?
Skitz: HAH! I hate him, too. But my little people in my head haven't gotten that far. But in leu of a fun ending, let's play a game. I call it...THE KILL JERROLD PARTY!

ATTENTION: Alright, peeps! My totally rockin' lizzygill24 from Mibba has come up with a rad idea. So here it is:
To everyone who despises Jerrold from the Huntress III story Witness Protection Operation, we've got good news! A Kill Jerrold party! Just right a story about the most creative, clever, agonizingly painful way to kill Jerrold! I'll post all story links sent to me on my homepages (Mibba and FictionPress) and everyone can read everyone! How fun does that sound? So dust off your sadistic caps and have a blast, because there's no one way to off a person like Jerrold, so let's try them all!
PS, Just so you all know, he can die any way fashionable. It can be by War, Nathaniel, Michelle, an common accident, you, me, anyone. Hell, you could even have him eaten by Barney or something...And that's saying something, because I hate Barney.