1. Why did Angelico cheat on Dona in the first place?
Angelico: I wanted the woman to leave me be. Her constant chasing was irritating. Plus, the two women were fun to be with.

2. How old are Antonio and Dona?
Skitz: They're 14 years difference. Dona is 21 in Indebted To Him?! and Antonio is 35.

3. Is bound to him with Dallas' brother (Angelico) or is it with the Dons older son (Paolo)?
Skitz: It's not centered around either, but the initial event to the story will have an impact on Paolo.

Skitz: There's plenty more space for more questions about anything you have on me or my stories and/or their characters. Send in some questions you want answers to and if the answers won't give away unpublished story events, I'll answer. Peace!