Summer Night's Skyline


The velvet blackness of the night before me

Stands as a shroud like the call curtains fall

Masking the features of the landscape before me

Until bright lights and soft stars by turn reveal all

With pinpricks of light slowly growing luminescent

Lighting like jewels on a model's fine frame

High rises transformed into pillars of light ever present

And creating a skyline to put Eden to shame

The sound of waves crashing drifts up towards me

Soft as a feather on a gentle warm breeze

Bringing towards me the scent of city and sea

With the sounds of slow traffic joined by the cadence of trees

Crickets sing steady as bats glide on past

The lorikeets dawn and dusk clamour, gone and to come

But the minutes of midnight flicker by fast

Each sense's slice not the whole, not the sum

Thunder dark clouds envelope the night sky

Slowly by two's engulfing the stars and the lights

And pounding rains batter my roof with a cry

Whilst lightning spans the skyline in magnificent fights

All that I see and I sense is before me

My home as I love it, nature and man intertwined

The is the Gold Coast in all of its glory

Summer night's skyline, and beauty defined

By Starfire17

Written 13/10/08