The Great Unseen

The Great Unseen

we are the students,
the great unseen.
Not the pricks,
or ones that are mean.

We're the average athletes,
far from best.
Yet always, yes always,
there's someone who's less.

We average our SAT'S,
and pass with 2.5
no license, no job; or a car that runs,
so our parents give us rides.

We are the lost memory,
a tossed wave in the sea.
As a part, of the great unseen,
no one shall recall me.

You all know the people,
I haven't talked about.
The geeks, you could list,
without a sweat, no doubt.

Now think of us average Joes,
the quietest of the bunch.
Who always eats in silence,
their meager cafeteria lunch.

You don't know me,
and that's what I mean.
I'm fading away,
part of the great unseen.