This is probably a bit of a regression, style-wise... But I am proud to say that it is metered and broken properly, provided you slant the pronunciation on celestial a bit... Or you pronounce precious with four syllables...

Let's be honest, though. Do you really care if I counted syllables obsessively? For some reason, I doubt it. And yes, the last stanza is on purpose.

Inspired by my girlfriend and the clouds. Dedicated to Felicia... or trying again and again and again… and then again. Even when it NEVER WORKS. I'm really loving this pent up anger thing.

(My girlfriend didn't get how the summary works with the poem. If you're curious, mention it in a review and I'll explain.)

Sighs of celestial
drift across the sky;
Where are you?

Ribbons of precious
twirl across the sky;
Where are you?

Sweet, sharp scent,
the grass is bleeding
all over my shirt;
Where am I?

A cloud across my sky;
a shadow in my eye;
You pass me by.