In Retrospect, Ozymandias

He wasn't vast. Actually,

When he was a child, the older kids would

Tease him for his skinny legs, and small feet.

"Girl feet" they called him.

"Oh Ozzie," she'd sigh, followed

by a laugh, and pulling him back to her.

"You really think you can be a King?"

She'd rub his forehead, rubbing the wrinkles away,

She called it. "We don't want your face to crack!"

"Despair!" He screamed voice cracking. ''I will

not despair!" Collapsed on the floor, he'd breathe

heavily. Mouth trembling. Voice whispering.

"They will remember my name."

Sands stretching lone and bare, Watching

Himself being built. Thinking of those who had

doubted. "This is what you will put on the

pedestal." The sculptor does not look up, working on

the mortal statue that the King of kings believes will stand.

A/N: This is based off of Percy Bysshe Shelley's sonnet "Ozymandias". I attempted to incorporate allusions of his poems into mine. Try to see if you can find them all. My style in this poem is also partly inspired by the style in Katharyn Machan's "Leda's Sister and the Geese". Kind of. So, what do you think?