"I dare you, Anna Sasin, to serenade Zach Jacobs in a bunny suit."

Time seemed to stop. I could hardly breathe as Jae's I-Dare-You Voice tortured me. I have never been known to resist a dare. Only this time, I really wanted to resist it.

See, I happened to have fantasies of Zach and I getting married and having ten kids. Yeah, I had a pretty serious crush on him. Only, I thought it was a secret. The only person I told was my best friend, Sue Yu…who, apparently, let my embarrassing crush loose.

I glared at Sue. She mouthed, "I'm sorry" and handed me a cookie across the table. Huh, please! Like a cookie could make me forgive her. Shuuun, shuuun!

…Okay, so maybe the cookie helped a little bit. I'm not good at shunning people. I want to talk to them too much.

"So Anna, is that a yes?" Jae sounded cocky. She had good reason, too. This was a dare that I would not enjoy doing.

I finished my cookie and shot Jae a scathing look. "What do you think?" I sighed. "Of course. Your Voice is too strong for me to resist."

I poked Sue hard when I caught her giggling silently behind her hand. It was not a joke! I really had to do these dares.

"What do you see in him, anyways?" Jae asked with one eyebrow raised. She's the most brutal and violent person I know. She probably beat my information out of Sue with her secret stash of nunchucks. I'm not kidding, either. Jae says she's a ninja, and I believe her.

I thought about Jae's question. What did I see in Zach? Well, okay, I have to admit, he's not the most normal human being in the world, but that's why I liked him. He has purple hair. Purple, my favorite color. Although, I think it became my favorite color after I first saw him. He also has grey eyes that look silver when he's concentrating hard. The contrast between the purple and the silver was too much for my little heart to handle. I stared at him with my peripheral vision all throughout history class. Sadly, I never got the opportunity to talk to him.

My answer to Jae: "He draws pretty unicorns."

Jae's other eyebrow rose to reunite with the first one. Dang, that girl has skills.

Sue shot me an inquisitive look, too. I never told her that bit of information.

I cleared my throat. "No, seriously…his unicorns are really good. They, like, jump off the page."

Sue looked concerned for my sanity.

Jae whacked me on the head with her Spanish textbook. "Are you stupid?" Another whack. "You like him because of his—" Whack! "—unicorns!" Whack, whack!

And Sue wonders why I'm so insane…

Just as Jae was about to assault me again, Sue saved the day. Good. She owed me for telling the ninja.

"Whatever, we all know Anna's crazy." Well, thanks, Sue? "But how is she going to find Zach? Our dare rules are that she has to do it the day she's dared."

Hmm. Should I tell them I know where he works?

"Erm, I think we should try Borders." I looked down at my hands and prayed that they would think of it as one of my random moments.

"Why, do you stalk him?" Fram it! Stupid Jae and her bluntness.

"No!" I blurted, blushing. "I just, uh, happen to see him there every Wednesday."

"Oh, so that's why Wednesdays are your reading days." Sue looked pensive. "I'd call that stalking."

Jae nodded. "Yep, you're a creepy stalker." I love my friends, I really do. "Let's go get you a bunny suit."

This time, Sue was the one who blushed. "I have one at home."

I laughed unabashedly. Last Easter, Sue's mom made her dress up as the Easter Bunny to entertain her younger cousins. I got a picture of it and used it as blackmail. Blackmail that didn't work, apparently.

After stopping at Sue's house to get the dreaded bunny suit, we walked to Borders. I refused to become a fluffy pink bunny until I actually had to do the dare.

As we entered the bookstore, Jae started cackling madly. I would have covered her mouth if I wasn't so afraid that she'd kill me in my sleep, ninja-style.

My eyes roamed the whole room before I spotted Zach in the Classics section.

"He's here," I whispered to Sue. She nodded.

"C'mon, let's go to the bathroom and get you changed," she whispered back.

"Why are we whispering?" Jae whispered.

"Because it goes with the mood," I, predictably, whispered in return.

We tiptoed to the bathroom discreetly. Along the way, I tripped on air. Well. There went the mood.

Jae started laughing evilly again. Even Sue let out a little snort.

"We can't all have ninja skills like you, Jae," I fumed, refusing Sue's outstretched arm as I stood up.

When we finally reached the bathroom, Sue pulled the hated bunny suit out of her large shopping bag.

"Have fun," she told me, handing me the fluffy suit and nudging me into a stall.

A growing sense of dread filled me as I pulled the suit over my clothes. When I came out, I looked to Sue first, figuring she was the safer bet.

"You look kinda cute," she offered kindly. Feeling slightly more optimistic, I turned to Jae.

She bit her lip, but I could see her eyes twinkling with mirth. Finally, she burst out laughing. Okay, I think I got my opinion from her.

"Go get him, little bunny." Sue wished me luck as I stumbled out of the bathroom. Jae, on the other hand, was still doubled over in laughter.

I felt like I had ginormous feet as I walked awkwardly toward the Classics section. Well, actually I did have ginormous feet. Ginormous, fluffy, rabbit feet.

I repeated the dare in my head. I had to serenade Zach Jacobs. What exactly qualified as serenading? I guessed I could just sing whatever song popped into my head.

My nerves were in a bad state when I reached the Classics section. I was relieved to find that Zach wasn't there anymore. Sighing, I slumped to the floor. I had never been so nervous in my entire life.

"You know, Easter's not for another five months," a low, amused voice came from above. My head snapped up.

And there he was, in all his purple-haired, silver-eyed glory. I gulped. Think of a song, think of a song, quick!

"You spin me right round, baby, right round. Like a record baby, right round, round, round…" I trailed off shakily.

He stared at me for all of five seconds before bursting into laughter.

By the time he calmed down, I was thoroughly embarrassed. I couldn't get my feet to move. It was like watching a horror movie. Even though I wanted to run away, I couldn't help but stare in sick fascination.

"Yep, you're a strange one." Then he squinted at my face, which was kind of hard to see because of the bunny suit and all. "Hey, it's you!"

"Me?" I squeaked.

"Yeah, the assassin." He grinned. "Anna Sasin, get it? An assassin?"

I stared at him, eyes wide. I had no idea he knew I existed. Heck, he could make lame jokes about my name any time as long as I could hear his addicting voice.

That's when I realized I should probably say something. "Um yeah, and my best friend's name is Sue Yu. Our parents were dropped on their heads as babies."

Good job, Anna! You spoke without stuttering! And you even made a joke!

He laughed again. I was starting to get addicted to that, too. "Watch out, or she'll sue you!"

This was bringing back memories of how Sue and I became friends. We decided our parents were insane for giving us such stupid names and banded together.

I couldn't think of anything to say in response. "I like your hair!" I blurted out.

There went his laugh again. "Yeah, my mom was born with red hair, and my dad has blue hair, so you know, genetics and all."

It took me a while to realize he was joking. Then, I joined in his laughter. "You're pretty corny," I pointed out.

"Do you like corn?" His silver eyes twinkled.

"Yeah, I love corn," I replied, my pulse escalating.

"Well, then, I don't see a problem with it."

I nearly melted on the spot. Oh my llama! I was talking to Zach. I, Anna Sasin, was talking to—

"So, why a rabbit?"

I laughed nervously. "Long story. Basically, it was a dare."

"Was it also a dare for you to sing to me?" His lips twitched into a smile.

"Err, yeah. But I couldn't control my crazy mouth and I ended up singing You Spin Me Round." I cleared my throat. "I was supposed to serenade you."

"Well, congratulations. I'm charmed."

"By a bunny suit and a lame song?" I questioned disbelievingly.

"Bunnies are kind of kinky." He winked.

My whole face went red. Actually, my whole body probably went red. I had no idea the quiet guy in history who draws unicorns could be so…flirtatious?

"Yeaah, soooo. I noticed you draw unicorns." I was desperate to change the subject. Unfortunately, I just let out a little stalker evidence.

"I noticed you draw stick figures doing funny dares," he fired back. My heart thumped erratically. He could probably hear it.

"I noticed…you have an earring." I glanced at the little stud in his ear and nearly swooned.

"Well, I noticed you come here often." He cocked his head challengingly.

My breath caught. Did he catch me looking at him, too? I decided to take a chance.

"I noticed you stare at me." It was a lie, but it was my attempt at flirting.

"Yeah, I do. I noticed you stare at me, too." He raised an eyebrow as if to say "Beat that!"

We stared at each other for ten excruciating seconds.

"Well, what are we doing still staring?" I replied breathlessly.

He moved in and…kissed me.

Suddenly, I was glad that I couldn't resist a dare.

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