This story was inspired by a forum game in FF that I made up, the topic is called family game and it's sorta like an rp but more like a game of house then this girl came and we were both MEGA HYPER! YAY! So we became friends and she chose the role of a...uh, it would be spoilers then so read on!

Of plants and vampires (prolouge)

The beginning of a vampire clan

November 27th 1762, Transylvania

It was another rainy night. It was just the beginning of the rainy season after all. The natural shower outside of the city sprinkled lightly into the green grass and into the soil, yet even such a light rain. It reached down to the old and dark abandoned house at the corner of the street where in the dampest and darkest corner of a kitchen mold and mushroom grew. All of them only to bring a disgusting stench, for them it wasn't disgusting but even so. It wasn't fun to be here and sit around all day long and do nothing. Even for plants with no mobility, they were still a living thing and could think.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, black goop oozed out of the wall next to a blue shroom and formed into a black shroom with a rather strong stench, stronger than all of the mold in the room.

"So thou vantest freedom? Companionship? Love?" The weird mushroom asked.

"Yes..." she thought. Althought no one would be able to be able to but he seemed to have that capacity for some reason. How can it be if she's a imobile fungus?

The funny smelling shroom once more liquified itself but only remained as a puddle for a few seconds before forming into a pale and tall man with a dark cape. The man smiled evilly and showed it sharp fangs, his hands went down to the dark corner where the blue mushroom grew and he bit her.

The poor thing, she couldn't move since its not natural for her to be able to. Those painful seconds that felt like days passed by and she fell.

The next day, the fungus woke up. She realized that she was not attached to the corner she grew in. Instead, she was unattached but she wasn't dried, she was...alive. She looked around some more and stood up and gasped "I have a mouth?" she said out loud "And I have legs?" She looked down and saw that she had roots for legs.

"Oh joy!" She was able to feel the roots and moved them like she did only in a more limited way and less flexible but it did not matter. For she ran around and jumped.

"This is easy to master!" She said happily and ran out of the house through a hole in the front door.

Outside was as dark as her home, there was some weird kind of scent in this ground and green things. She looked up at the sky to see the stars and could only ponder what could they be. She stared at the night sky and then continued on. The streets were empty and she just wandered around, looking throught the whole town and the beauty of the world she never witnessed. She walked until she came across a forest where she started walking slowly, it seemed quite dangerous and she was scared but her curiousity kept her from turning back.

Suddenly a skunk ran by her, kicking her aside and there she layed aside, wounded. It was a pretty harsh blow and she could not stand back up and lied there motionlessly. Everything faded away from her sight despite that she did not had eyes, she could see but even so. She seemed to fall asleep maybe...? What was this awful sensation?

What seemed like a long sleep, she could hear voices from the real world then finally, she could see once more. A bit blurry but she could, it took her a while to do so. And it was morning. It was so bright. She has never ever been exposed to so much light. She frantically looked around searching for somewhere dark and damp to hide in and protect herself.

"So thou art now awake."

"Huh?" the mushroom thought as she searched for the one who spoke. She saw a basil not too far from behind her.

"What's going on?"

"Um...well, I was just going home till I came across a skunk that happened to run over thou then it shot its acid at thee."

"Oh...but thou savest me right?" she asked, trying to be grateful.

"Yeah, I'm a herb so I was able to save thee, it was rather weird considering that thou'rt a fungus. A poisonous kind of specie at that."

"Oh well, um...thank thou so much for thy help."

"Thou art welcome, so uh...what's thy name?"

"Huh...that's a good question, I don't have a name but please callest me Alexa." said the fungus. Where'd she get that name? The world will never know but from what it seemed, she had been making up a name for herself the moment she became a mobile fungus "What's thy name?"

"Hmmm, good counter I'm a basil so callest me Basil." said the too, clueless plant.

And they lived happily ever after, they had kids that were fungus, the next generation were herbs, but they all bred with vegetables so vegetables came then fruits.

But Alexa had vampire genes because of the man that bit her, it was Dracula.

Note: I'm gonna make them all speak old english like thy, thee, etc...maybe I would even add that Transylvanian accent but only to some.
And I investigated about the grammar in wikipedia so you can't prove me wrong, HA! But I'm sure that I made mistakes thought...I mean, not like I speak it fluently...


Story and characters thanks to:

ArtisticDei for the background story of how the vampire clan appeared and for being the grandad even thought she's a girl.

Dreamgirl555 for being the starter of the vampire thing idea.