Chapter 10: Lost and confused then comes worries

Meeting new kind of plants...and fungus

We had been walking for days in this meadow. It's a really nice meadow, full of flowers, delicious vegetables and fruits, and they were all non-mobile. Problem was after those days...

"Where are we?" I asked.

"I told you, I don't know!" Strange replied angrily. In one day, I would ask her 5 times. I knew that it got on her nerves but I couldn't help it. I felt so lost without asking. My plan failed and right now Melonie wasn't doing well. She would only accept her older sister but she would still cry at night. I tried transforming into a human last night, hoping to get a better view and see if I could spot any signs of civilizations and sometimes I tried transforming in daylight but I couldn't resist being human for being too long. It seems like the sun drains the power out of me and only made things worse. I knew that it was a dumb idea to escape throught the woods. Oh wait, it wasn't my idea about the wood escape. It was Mars', I still wished to strangle her.

We walked on and I suppose that right now it's 8 p.m.

"Oooh, watermelon!" Dream said giddily. She approached the watermelon and as she was about to drain his juices "I smell cinnamon..." she muttered before taking a bite and suddenly, the watermelon stood up "Huh? Who touched me?"

"GAH!" I jumped back by reflex, I think that Dream did too but she rolled down.

"Oh, you're just a mobile watermelon. Hey wait...does that mean that we're near a town?" Mars asked.

"Oh no, this is just my house. What could you guys be doing by intruding?"

"I thought that you were edible..." Dream said, showing disappointment in her voice.

"Yeah, as you see, that happens to me alot." he turned around and showed his scars that people had done to him.

"I don't care, just move over fatty. I need sleep and I want a nice soft bush house to be in and something to shut this vulture's sister up." Mars said quite rudely while pointing at Melonie. Strange and the watermelon didn't look happy thought and we DO need shelter "M-mister W-watermelon, please don't listen to her!" I said rather nervously "We're lost and well, we're quite hungry so we need shelter and food and if you can't provide us anything, couldn't you at least tell us where to go?"

"No." he said tersely and went back to sleep. I felt my juice boil in anger so I walked over to him and bit him, draining a bit of his watermelon juice. God, it was delicious althought I couldn't enjoy it peacefully since he rolled around and screamed. I didn't know what was going on but I could hear my friends and sisters tell me to stop.
I refrained myself from draining him completely at least "Tell us your name!" I demanded.

"I-I'm War Slayn Halo!" he backed away "How did you drink my juice?! I though that you were a vulture for a moment!"

"Because I'm not a vulture, now tell us where to go!" Dream grabbed me to keep me from doing another rash thing.

"Dreami, calm down. You're acting like a psycho!" Said Strange.

"Correction, total psycho." Mars stated. God I hated her smart-assed remarks but this guy sounded like one anyway.

"Alright, alright, how about I take you there. It's not too far but first, I have to talk to my best friends." He took out a non-mobile vanilla vine and a green rock, possibly jade. It looked smooth "Van, should I go? I mean, this people are really weird and that fatass pear just bit me in the butt." my stem twitched and I was about to shout at him but I decided to just not slow things down by creating a argument but now I really doubted that this guy could help us, he was a bit out of it but it's better than nothing.

"I should? How about you, Jade?" He stared at the piece of green rock for a moment. I turned to to the others to look at their expression. Mars was getting imatient since she was rocking herself from side to side, Cas just bounced around looking left then right and again and it looked like some sort of silent "Peanut butter jelly time" dance. Strange just held Melonie tightly and hoped that she wouldn't wake up and cry, while Dream just stared at the green rock.

"But Jade..." Slayn whined "alright fine, but no more touching little plants ok?"

"Hey, does he touch little mangoes?" Dream asked. I was shocked thought, why did she ask that?

"Oooh, so you figured out that Jade's a guy," Slayn began "a lot of people suspect him as a guy and not a girl. You are one of those."

"Well, stop wasting time now." Mars complained, showing obvious irritation in her voice.

"Alright, alright, be careful with Jade thought." I heard Mars let out of a low groan of "what a pain in the duck tape." but the watermelon led the way. Unlike us who hopped to move, he rolled or else he'd either break or cause and earthquake.

"So...uuh, mister Halo. Can I call you Slayn?" I said politely even thought I bit him hard. He had a open cut but not too deep.

"Sure, why not." I was surprised at how nice he sounded. I was the one following closest to him, I just wanted to advance faster than him but he was the one who knew the way. Hours passed and we continued hopping and rolling restlessly and the first light of the sun shone on us but it wasn't good enought to relieve the stress that everyone had built up by hearing melonie cry for the last two hours.

"LIIIIIIIIGHT! YESSS!" Cas started laughing and doing her favorite dance.

"Is she alright?" Slayn asked.

"Yeah, surprisingly after we haven't heard her talk since yesterday for some reason." Strange answered as she kept on rocking Melonie back and forth to get her to calm down.

"Hey, I was tired and cold that time! I need the warm sun."

"Sheesh, just put a cork in it you two." Mars sounded a lot more irritated from the rotten melon and lack of sleep. I looked at Dream who continued staring at the green rock and I noticed that Slayn had fallen asleep and he was standing so close to the edge of the road. We were in a hill, that was the problem, if he falls then he would roll down and maybe he'd go splat.

"Slayn?" I pushed the watermelon a bit "Slayn." I said a bit louder.

"Hey dad, look! It's your favorite fruit! A watermelon!" a little human kid shouted.

"VEGETARIANS!" Cas screamed. I immediately pushed Slayn as hard as I could but we both fell and rolled down. It all happened so fast, I could barely feel any pain and I turned off my sight for a moment and soon, the biggest wave of pain hit me in the back and I was seemed to be hit over and over and continued on rolling to what seemed to be a more of a flat ground. I heard other familiar voices scream but I couldn't move or enable my sight as I slolwy...

"Dreami?" I could hear a voice with a funny accent but I felt so warm and so comfortable in some sort of soft soil that I didn't want to enable my sight "Dreami?" I heard the same voice only a bit louder but I just shifted and opened up my eyes and only saw yellow and black and only YELLOW AND BLACK?! I started to panic and stood up immediatly "Gah!" I saw that it was the banana vulture.

"Oh Cas, it just you."

"Yep, g'morning mate." oh, how I loved that phrase of her along with that accent. It always made me smile.

"What happened? What are we doing here?" I looked around as my senses and memories started coming back and the last thing I could remembered was that I was rolling down the hill and pain and now this. I noticed that we were in a small cofined glass with flat and soft soil. I saw the rest of the people here which were Dream, Mars, Strange, and Slayn but all of them were sleeping.

"What are we doing here?"

"I don't really know, mate. I tried waking everyone up but they didn't seem to respond much besides telling me to go away."

"Hmmm, alright then." I looked around the surroundings a bit more and remembered seeing a place like this. This was a really small hospital, maybe a clinic. I remembered my teachers saying something about the hospital having glass walls only and it was used for saving infected plans or genetically altered ones but they say that some hospitals in which they called greenhouses are built by humans to grow them then harvest them to eat. I started to panic and more after I heard the door open, the worst thoughts came ot me "Cas, we have to run away!"

"Mada mada dane, quiet down, please!" I looked at the source of the voice which was at the door and it revealed a herb with flowers growing in it. It was a caraway herb. I then noticed a small piece of toenail jump in along with the herb.

"Rest assure that this hospital is not one that humans use to harvest us. Their green houses are a lot bigger and they use pots to hold us." Said the herb. I sighed in relief "Oh good...hey, by the way. Who might you be?" I asked.

"I'm doctor Elementel Master. And this is my assistant, Toe-be Agurev."

"Oh, in that case. I'm Dreamer Vampir, just call me Dreami." The doctor held out a root for me to shake and I gladly did.

"Pleased to meet you." Said the piece of black toe-nail "I may be a decomposer but I do try to learn the way of herbs."

"Wow, a specie from the fungus kingdom!" Cas immediately approached Toe-be and touched him "I've never seen a mushroom so hard!"

"Eew, Cas!"

"Don't be racist, fungus have a lot to do with vulture history, we are what destroy mammals hygiene."

"Yes, yes. She is right and I'm a piece of toenail, young vulture. I just happened to be in a lake until someone dipped his feet into it." Said Toe-be as a little mushroom popped out and it pushed Cas's root away and the mushroom disappeared.

As I was going to reply, Dream sat up and yawned "Oh Dream! You're awake!"

"Jeez! Keep it down, will ya." Said Strange and Mars as they both woke up at the same time and Melonie cried by the sudden interruption and yelling. It was annoying but at least, we won't be wasting any time with introducing the doctors to each one of they wake up. All that was left now was to wait for Slayn to wake up but he continued in his slumber as he stirred a bit in his sleep.

"Cas, could you wake up that watermelon? Hello or Saint or whatever and Strange, shut your sister up." Mars asked as she laid down and her leaves facing north of the green hosue.

"Sheesh, I'm trying." Strange retorted. It only made me angry at how Mars can be so nonchalant all the time and what made me more angry was that Cas just listened but I guess that's just Cas being happy. I guess it's ok then. All she did was rock Slayn which seemed to worsen and make him fall deeper into sleep but the doctor stepped between Cas and Slayn so she would leave him alone.

"Mada mada dane, please leave the poor fruit alone, neh?" his voice showed a bit of annoyance at our immature actions. We were only a group of 13 to 14 year old plants...and a melon baby.

"Hey, mister...what is this place?" Dream finally spoke.

"Why, this is a clinic." Toe-be answered "This is doctor Elementel Master and I'm Toe-be Agurev." Dream seemed to remain still as she pondered so did everyone wonder what could that mango be thinking.

"E...Em...I'm gonna call you doctor Em instead, like Emily." She said poiting at the herb then at the toe-nail "and you are Toe-be Veruga!"

"Don't read my name backwards, please." Toe-be said softly.

I chuckled, he seemed to ignore the fact that I laughed at his name but whatever...I just wonder where is this place even located.

"Dr. Em," I began. I thought that it would be so much easier ot just say what Dream called him "how did you find us?"

"You were in a village nearby, you were lucky that no human were near you guys but I just happened to find you and carried you all here except for the watermelon. I had to use a cart but it broke down, hehe. Mada mada dane."

"Oooh sorry..." I said, a bit embarassed but the fact that Melonie was calming down with her crying helped me feel less ashamed.

"That's ok. Anyway, you people should find a home to stay at. This clinic is for anyone that's injured. Just let the watermelon here thought, neh?" The doctor sure did speak a very weird accent. Possibly he came from another continent.

"Alright..." I said softly in a barely audible voice and no one seemed to hear me and just headed out so I did too.
The moment we got outside we were in awe as the forest we were in was beautiful. It was a bit cold thought in this region and there were so many pines but so little bushes and so small.

"Wow..." I heard Dream mutter something about how awesome the weather is. Mars seemed to hid the fact that she liked this place and tried acting nonchalant while Cas started climbing the trees and falling back down.

"Wooo! This place is fun!" Exclaimed Cas.

"We better find a home thought." I looked around, hoping to find some obvious mobile plant nest but then I saw a rustling bush about a few meters away "Ooh, a house. Let's go." Dream ran after me and after me, she was a lot more excited and she reached the bush first and knocked on the door made of leaves. It rustled a bit then a cucumber went throught it "Whuzzat?" the cucumber stared at us "Who are you people, are you foreigners?"

"I guess we are..." Dream slowly answered.

"I'm sorry rednecks but I have no money." As soon as he was about to hop back inside, I grabbed him.

"No, no, no, it's not money. We just need hospitality, friend! Pleeeaaase?" I shook him a bit before letting go.

"Well, you sound polite. I guess you're not a redneck. Come on in."

Dream and I hopped in first and the house was pretty nice. It looked rather shorter than when I was outside but it was big enough for a pineapple. The room was rectangular rather than oval with most of the space cleared out of stems meaning that this must have been grown by the cucumber here. It wasn't all that big but it felt so warm. There were blue glowing lampflowers on each side of the room. They say that they were so rare that it was mystical and it only grew on cool regions. It gave off such a soft glow and beautiful color but it wasn't all blue but a bit violet since the blue color wasn't all that strong.
There wasn't so much soil here and more grass, another evidence that this is not made by nature or grown by humans. The grass was so soft it gave off a warm sensation. I'd be itching or so they say that humans are allergic to it but I couldn't care. This place was wonderful with a flowery smell.

On the right side of the room, there was a TV on a finely made bamboo table while on the right side was full of baskets made of thin and flexible stems containing fruits and vegetables all high quality and riped and some fewer baskets were of herbs and in the center of the room was another fine table made of bamboo, large and round with calla lilies chairs.

"I'm Saxon Reengumber." The cucumber reached out a root from the middle of his body to shake mine. I gladly twisted mine with his and shook it "Nice to meet you, I'm Dreamer Vampir." I looked behind me and saw that everyone were inside and I haven't noticed since I was too busy admiring this wonderful dream house. It was small yet so wonderful. Everyone else did the same with Saxon till they were all introduced.

"Ok now, since you are guests. Come with me to the second branch where your room will be in." The cucumber, Saxon used his roots to grab on to the wall and climbed till he hit the leaves but kept on and eventually disappeared into the second branch. I was the first one to get there since I couldn't contain my excitement teehee! This branch's floor was actually done by uniting all the stems of the bush, third evidence that this bush was done by him but I guess I should relax and stop looking for evidence that this was a plant-made bush. There was nothing in this room thought except for the small rectangular space we had and a thick and hard stem wall, vines growing on some parts only to make it more beautiful even for walls, one yellow lampflower, and two more doors.

"The door on the right is mine and the left is for you but I think that some of you will have to sleep on the floor." He opened up our room to reveal a big room with two big leaves used as curtains to cover up a opening (which would be the window). A small blue lampflower with less glow than the rest I've seen in the whole house which was good since lampflowers cannot be switched on or off but to me it's a lot better than lightbulbs. There was a mirror in the right side but in the left...there was my favorite thing!

The bed was a big and thick flowerbed made of purple roses. Measuring our size, everyone would fit in.

"What is up with this guy having everything blue and purple?" Mars the blueberry asked.

"I got the same question for your." Strange chuckled and suddenly, something inside of me kicked in after Saxon left us alone in the room without saying anything.

"YEAH!" I pushed Strange, the nearest plant.

"PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!" Cas danced and danced and we followed her but something bothered Dream. It disturbed me a little.

I sat next to Dream on the rose-bed "Dream, are you ok?"

"I'm fine. I'm just a little tired and worried about that green house, I mean. What if some human come?"

"Dream, I'm sure that nothing will happen, we're in a forest that no human would dare come."

"Yeah, but it's not right now that I'm worried. What I'm scared is that we could cause more uproar besides stealing Melonie." We both looked at the innocent baby vulture. She was harmless and right now instead of crying, she was giggling and cooing as her sister held her tightly and danced.

"Look, Dream. Just remain positive. Let's just take a good nap." I yawned and let myself fall onto the soft petals of the rose and inhaled its strong aroma which made me relax. I didn't feel anything else lie down near me, maybe it was just me taking a nap but I slowly let myself drift to another world with less worries and just be happy with that fantasy playing in my head.

I do not know what "mada mada dane" means. The real Em just says that all the time, don't you my good friend. Oh, I love ya for being in this fic.
Oh and a free cookie for who understood the reference when Dream came up with the name for Em and Toe-be's name backwards. You only have this chapter. Anyone can answer except for you, Slayn and to make that up. You are not in a comma, Slayn...despite what I told you. And sorry for your short role Saxon but soon some characters will be playing more turns. Ha!

Credits: The new guests

WarSlaynHalo as...War Slayn Halo, Vanilla, and Jade (V&J RP characters).

elementelmaster "Em" as...Elementel Master the Caraway herb.

Tobey "The Philosophist" as...Toe-be Agurev the toe-fungus.

Saxon "Del" as...Saxon Reengumber