Chap 2: The fat heirs

Separated survivors

August 24th 1995

In the land of fertility a small crop grew, it was green and with curves.

"Oh Papa, patato! Where art thou?" A cucumber asked, walking around the field.

"What is it, nurse?" Asked a potato.

"Thy baby is here! Thy wife did such a great job raising the beautiful-" As she was gonna mention the kind of daughter or son he had, he rushed over to his wife, Courtney the corn who was extremely corny.

"Courtney! Cucu the nurse told me that our baby has blossomed! What is he?"

"It's a she! And she's a pear...a beautiful baby VAMPIRE pear!" She went to the crop and harvested the pear, showing Patato the baby. "Isn't she beautiful? I watered her and talked to her everyday and even added extra fertilizers!"

Unfortunately, Patato wasn't very happy nor sad, he gasped and fainted.

"F-fat...thing...f-fat fruit..." He mumbled loud enough for Courtney to hear so she cried.

6 months later

"Sir Patato, thy second baby is ripe!" Cucu announced, she grabbed her clipboard and read it "It's a-" She noticed that Patato was already gone "Sir Patato?"

"Courtney, Courtney! What is our baby this time?"

"It's a Mango!" Patato gasped and bitch slapped Courtney.

The poor corn put her own leaf on her upper part which is suppose to be the cheek "OW! What was that for?!"

"IT'S ANOTHER FAT FRUIT!? Thou fat woman! Stop adding extra fertilizers! I hate thou for having these kind of children! They are no longer my children! They are now thy responsibility! IT'S A DIVORCE!"

"No Patato, no! I promise that I'll stop giving them fertilizers! PLEASE DON'T GO!" Courtney sobbed and with her root, she grabbed Patato but he kicked her and walked away.

Then in another row which had tall grass began rustling. A blueberry jumped out

"PAPA!" Said the little blueberry.

Patato gasped and took a step back "Get away from me, you ugly creature!"

The baby fruit kept on going closer, cooing, giggling, and saying "Papa."

As Patato was about to kick the poor thing, Courtney stopped him "What art thou doing? Don't kickest thy daughter!" He slapped her again.

"NO! Now we have triplets! 3 FAT FRUITS! And one of them had to be a grape! I HATE GRAPES! I HATE HATE! HATE THEM!"

"It's a blueberry!" Courtney sobbed "Thou art so selfish! I hid her from thou because I knew that thee hatest grape-like fruits!" Courtney grabbed the triplets and ran away sobbing with the 2 children in her arms and the pear on her back.


Courtney lived with her children for a few weeks, yes weeks, anyway. Things were fine except for the fact that they kept on getting poorer and poorer that Courtney had to hunt down walking and talking plants and mushrooms instead of non-mobile ones but soon she got arrested and got sentenced to death for causing so many deads.

The pear, the eldest just by half a year, ran away to a farm which is a city of mobile plants and fungus. Unfortunately, she was only 1 so she couldn't fly but she wasn't dumb as to not be able to walk or talk, she had to avoid herbivores but on her way of avoiding them. She lost her blueberry sister then the mango.

The pear got named Dreamer because the tree in the farm was named Dreamer, the farmer named it that way because he had caught plants walking and talking sometimes so he started talking to the tree and named it Dreamer but trees don't talk so he never got an answer.

As for the 2nd eldest, the blueberry. She was being chased by farmers in a wine farm that picked grapes and not berries but she was getting picked and since she was the slow learner, she didn't know how to fly and she was too young to have the ability of turning into a human.

When she got sent to the factory to make wine, she was finally able to fly so she flew and escaped from the factory...but at night of course. She ended up in the tree in front of H.E.B. and got raised by a myth and astronomy loving apple named Alfred.

And last but not least, the little mango. She's the smartest of the triplets but the youngest. She's quite innocent since she was too young to remember the awful corruptions of the world. She was raised in a tree in a city in front of a shop named "Wild dreams" And you do not need a explanation of what that shop is.

Anyway, so she got named Dream for that, yet she had never entered that shop till she was 12 and got scarred for life. Her "mother" which was an orange named Range, was the one who forbidded her from looking at that place but Dream is a very curious fruit. She never found out that Range was not her mother because Range lied to her about a lot of things.

She said that the fact that she can shift-shape into a human was because she was human-like in a lot of ways, the fact that she had fangs was because one of her ancestors was the director of the movie "Fruitcula" and the fact that she was able to fly was the same as the fact that she had fangs.

I actually made it longer but then it came out so...wrong so I deleted half of it and changed it like this, sorry for such a long wait just for this.

And you must be wondering how they can be triplets. Simple. No babies have been borned in the same year unless they were twins right? I mean, what woman would get pregnant immediately after giving birth to a child? And since they were fruits, they could have another one after a few months.

I'm pretty sure that you didn't get that but whatever, just leave that fact alone then.