By kat- 103 Reasons to Hate Him

Chapter 1: The Devil Doesn't Wear Prada, He Wears Nike Soccer Cleats

She hates him, he hates her. He's THE jock and is everything she's always hated. She's the rebel, but is everything he's always needed. After a joke taken too far, they're stuck with each other in Detention for a full Semester. So, what now?

1. His huge, annoying ego. E-G-O-T-I-S-T-I-C-A-L

2. He is the most insensitive jerk and gets pleasure from other peoples pain.

3. The fact that he can't construct a sentence without the words "Me" or "Nate" in it.

4. His possy. Can the boy go anywhere without them?

5. The way he expects everyone to bow down for him. Hello? He's not the freaking King of England.

"Where did you get your hair cut?" He whispered mockingly in my ear "Looks like a lawnmower got let loose" The sound of his laugh ringed in my ears. Shortly followed by more laughs and hi-five slaps. It was so pathetic the way he picked on people like me. Yeah, he's such a man for picking on the girl who has no friends. Must be a big boost for that massive ego.

I laughed mockingly "Yeah, piss off" I said seriously. It's not that I was one of those people who was a loner because they were weird. Well, maybe I am a little weird, but I sat alone by choice. I had had people offer me a seat at their tables, but honestly, I couldn't be bothered with the fake facades of 'Oh my Gosh, are you serious? Your alarm actually went off at 6:30?! The time you set it?!'. And that senario isn't even made up...

"You know, you wouldn't be such a loser if you tried to make friends" His voice teased as he slid his arm around my waist. I shook it off and slid over to the next free seat. "Whats wrong? Am I in your personal bubble?"

"Yes, very much so. Your presence is... Well it's unwanted. Leave" I mumbled as I closed my Bio binder. I always hated the all american jocks. Sure, they were popular, sure they were hot, but as far as personality went, they sucked. Who would want that? Oh yes, 99.9 percent of the female population. Silly me. Maybe thats what makes me weird.

"Man, why do you even bother?" Rang Tyler's voice. Tyler was part of Nate's possy. Infact as far as ranking went, I'd say he was the right hand man. "You know she'll do some of her wack voodoo crap on you," Tyler warned "Dude, I bet shes a lesbian!" He exclaimed. That was the other thing, they always talked about you like you weren't there. Either they all had really bad eye sight or they were just that stupid.

"Yes, I am a lesbian, a big fat lesbian, now piss off" I grumbled. I would move, if I could. But it's kind of hard to flee when you're being detained in a room... In detention.

"That's so hot" Nate smirked as he started touching himself. Seriously, I kid you not. He started touching himself in detention. Okay, maybe he didn't, but hey, it would be funny if he did, wouldn't it?

"Yeah, lesbians are hot," Seconded Tyler "especially if theres two" He grinned. Tyler reminded me of a little kid. His face was all kidish, but his body was like the rest of the jocks. Nate on the other hand, seemed more mature all round, except for his maturity and brain function level. For that, he was way behind... Think ten to twelve years behind.

"Where the hell did Mr. Fallon go?" I mumbled as I stared at the empty desk in the front of the classroom.

"Convict! Gaga! I've had a little bit too much, all of the people start to rush! Start to rush, Oh." A voice interrupted from the back of the classroom. Everyone turned their heads to search for the source of the strange sound. I turned my head around to see Mark. Mark was one of those 'I'm gay, but I'm not into guys' kind of guys. He always hung around with the girls and seemed totally boy-aphobic. He was into fashion and all that, but it was obvious he wasn't into guys... or girls. Poor kid.

"Dude, it that 'Just Dance' by 'Lady Gaga'?" Nate asked him curiously, his voice friendly. I knew it was all just an act. I probably should have done something to prevent Mark's embarassment, but hey, I'm the loner who cares about no one, remember?

"...Yarhh" Answered Mark as he tugged on his multicoloured scarf.

"Dude, that's so gay. Oh, does the 'G' word offend you?" Tyler taunted as he and Nate surrounded Mark's tiny desk. I looked back over my shoulder to see a pissed, yet intimidated Mark. I rolled my eyes as I put my ipod headphones in my ears. My finger went around the clicker till I found the song I wanted. I clicked the play button and let the music fill my ears.

I let 'Face Down' by 'The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' muffle out the voices behind me. I really didn't care. Maybe I was just a bad person to not stick up for Mark, but to me, it was Mark or me. Someone had to amuse the two year olds.

I looked up at the clock above the white-board reading 4:29pm. Eh, that was close enough for me. I gathered up my books and shoved them in my black backpack. Just as I stood up Mr. Fallon entered the classroom. "Yes, yes, go, go" He said as he shooed us out. I shrugged on my backpack and made my way to the door.

As I walked down the empty hallways I could tell I was being followed. If these guys wanted to make a future career as stalkers they had a lot to work on. I rolled my eyes and walked out the school doors towards the parking lot. "Bye sweetheart!" Nate cooed as I walked towards the space where my brothers car was parked. My brother was sitting in the black pickup, looking tired and bored. I opened the door and got in. My brother pulled out of the parking space and drove over to where Nate and Tyler were standing. I sighed. This would be round 2. Ding ding ding!

"Hey mate" My brother said as he rolled down his window.

"Dekker, how you going bro?" Nate answered. What was it with guy's and that whole last name deal?

"Good, detention again?" My brother, Lucas, asked

"Yeah, luckly I had your sister to entertain me" He winked at me. I made a gagging sound and turned on the radio in the truck.

"Right," Lucas forced a laugh "Need a ride?"

Oh God, please. If you are up there, PLEASE don't let him-

"Nah, I've got my motorcycle here" He smirked as my face lit up at his answer. This was probably the one and only time I had ever been thankful that Nate had a motorcycle. I knew it was just to get the girls. They all liked that kind of thing.

"Alright man," Lucas smiled "Later Nate, Tyler." He rolled up his window and drove out of the school. I pushed my backpack down to the floor between my knees then turned up the radio. "Whats your problem with him anyway?"

"Me? Why do you have to be best friends with him?" I countered. Of course I would be lucky enough to have my brother be great friends with the guy I hated the most.

"He's a nice guy"

"Yeah, he's a nice popular jock, just like you" I smiled sweetly. He caught on to my mock and rolled his eyes. Lucas and Nate just had to be huge soccer fans. That was how it all started. Just on one cold winters day when two little boys went to a Beckham fan club signing event. Little did they know that they'd be, 10 years later, best friends. Okay, so my brother was a Senior while Nate and myself were Juniors. But you know how it is, Jocks have friends in all grades and seem to know everyone.

"Whatever, you two figure that out." He sighed

"I will not do any 'figuring' with that know it all jerk. Can we just please stop talking about him? He's ruined my day enough by showing up to school" I sighed as I flipped the radio station.

"Right, maybe tomorrow-"

"Will be better? ...Doubt it" Better would be if he got transfered out from school. Better would be if he came down with some rare disease like... Mad cow, and couldn't show up at school for a year. Oh, how a girl can dream...

"Oh, I don't know, he said he's got someth- Nevermind"

"What?" Whenever Nate had 'something' going on, it usually involved me and embarassment. Who knows what practical joke he would play this time. I really don't know why it was his life goal to make my life a living hell. Whoever said the devil wears Prada was wrong. He wears Nike soccer cleats.

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