By kat- 103 Reasons to Hate Him

Chapter 2: Jocks With Massive Egos and Tiny Brains.

6. His pointless pranks and put downs.

7. The way his pranks and put downs always have something to do with me.

8. The damn smirk thats always plastered on his face. It just emphasizes his big pigheadedness and his big mouth

9. The way he walks. It's like a sticks been shoved up his ass. So not attractive.

10. The fact that one of his best friends happens to be MY BROTHER!

11. His not so wise, wise cracks. He just thinks hes so smart.

"Okay honey, hold still. Let me just get th-"

"Mom, stop it" I grumbled as a shooed my mothers hands away from my face

"Hold on, I just need-"

"No, seriously. I don't want to-" I objected as I put my face in my hands, covering my eyes. I grabbed my backpack from the floor and felt around for my black '30 Seconds to Mars' cap. I felt the familiar material against my fingers, grabbed it out of my bag then put it on. I always hated how my mom was so touchy. Sure, it was all 'love an affection', but it was like being attacked by a swarm of flies... that had rabies.

"But you're so beauti-"

"Arghhhhh" I moaned as I shooed away her approaching hands. This was my mother. My beautiful, gorgeous mother. My 'soccer mom', perfect mother. Don't we all just loooooove mothers? My mom rolled her eyes as she tossed a lock of her chocolate brown hair behind her shoulder. Her blue eyes were glued to my face as I desperately tried to escape her evil glare.

"Honey," she murmured "Why don't you want to go?" she asked quietly, her voice was filled with sorrow and disappointment. But I knew better. This was just one of her plans to guilt me into going. Although, her dissatisfaction did make me feel a little bit guilty. But only a little. I wasn't going to fall for the same trick twice. Nope, not me. Better luck next time sucker!

Anyway, long story short, I'm a model. Not by choice, but because if I don't, I don't get any allowance, and living with no allowance? Well thats just no way to live. Plus, if I quit, my mom would probably disown me and make me live out on the streets as a hobo and I'd have to learn how to play the recorder so I could busk on the streets to earn a few pennies so I could pay for my cheap-ass dinner which would be McDonald's which would then result in me becoming fat. So basically I'd be a homeless, fat, recorder playing hobo if I quit my modeling job. Well, maybe not, but thats the way my mom pitched it to me when she forced me into it. Am I rambling?

"Because, the girls there are bitchy and I hate being photographed" I grunted as I pulled out the black rubber band from my hair. Let me get one thing straight, if I haven't already made it straight enough. I hate being a model. The photographers are mean and bossy while the models are backstabbing bitches. Their conversations basically consist of "Oh my God, did you hear that Becca's a size 1? She's such a fat whore" and "Oh my God, is she really eating chocolate?! Good luck" *insert rolling eyes here*. I really don't understand why people WANT to be models. Whats so fun about sitting in font of a camera all day while some random takes pictures of you?

"Nicole..." My moms voice hardened. Ah HA! I knew that sad dejection was all an act.

"What?" I asked innocently as I picked up my back pack "I just don't like being a model. It's so pointless and stupid" I signed as I headed for the front door. Lucas was already there waiting, fiddling with his car keys. He had a very worried look on his face, which was a big change from the confident smile usually had. I would've asked him what was wrong, but hey, I had my own problems to deal with.

"Ready?" He asked as he raised an eyebrow and opened the front door

"For school? Never." I grumbled as I shuffled out behind him.

"I'll see you two tonight!" My mom called "And Lucas, don't forget to pick up some eggs and milk on the way home"

A wide grin appeared on Lucas' face. "Oh, I'm definitely getting eggs and milk today" He said suggestively.

I rolled my eyes "Mature much?"

"Aww, are we in a bad mood because we have to go and model today?" Lucas cooed. Sometimes my brother was awesome. Sometimes he was not so awesome. This was one of those times when he was not so awesome.

"You better not tell anyone about my affairs after school, or I will seriously hurt you" I threatened. I tried to make my eyes look all big and scary, the way Nate's eyes looked when he tried to look sexy.

"I don't get why you don't want people to know anyway. Guys think it's hot if a girls a model"

"Oh yes, and I'm so after all the shit heads that attend our school" I raised an eyebrow at my brother. Really. I thought he knew me better.

I half turned my head, expecting to see the black pickup in the driveway, but the car wasn't there. I looked up at Lucas and pursed my lips "Where's the car?" I asked slowly. I knew he had been partying last night and I knew he had come home drunk. What I did not know was the whereabouts of the car.

He laughed nervously as he ran a hand through his black hair "Yeah... About that..." He started anxiously

I'm so not surprised its not even funny. The sad thing is, I've come to expect this sort of behavior from my brother. In fact, I've practically given up on him. He's a typical jock now. We may be related, but that doesn't mean we have to like each other. "So, how are we going to get to school smart-ass?"

"Uhhh- In this car right here" He said as a red Mercedes sports car pulled up in our driveway. Do I even need to tell you who the car belonged to?

"Lucas whats up man" Nate said cooly as he lowered the volume of the radio.

"I'm not riding with him" I objected firmly, crossing my arms over my chest.

My action seemed to get Nate's attention since he was looking at the region where my arms were crossed, although I don't think he was looking at my arms, probably more of the area where they were covering. Perverted little freak. "Rather walk?" he challenged as his lips curved up into a seductively devilish smile.

His attempt at trying to look attractive almost made me vomit. No one should have to see that smile. I have no idea what the girls at school were talking about 'Oh my God, Nate just smiled at me. He is so hot! Have you seen him smile?! It just so, soo... soooo...' ...Disgusting? Nauseating? Revoltingly repugnant? Yeah, I thought so too...

"I'd rather gorge my eyes out than have to sit next to you for 10 whole minutes" I countered as I pursed my lips

"God, I love it when you're mad" He smirked, his eyes finally moving up to meet mine. He looked at my brother and smiled "She so wants me" he boasted as a satisfied look emerged on his excuse for a face.

"Do you want me to dent your car?" I asked sweetly

Lucas opened the passenger door and got into the car. "Nicole, just get in, and Nate, don't flirt with my sister"

"I/He wasn't flirting" Nate and I objected in harmony. We simultaneously turned to look at each other. My eyes squinted as I put on a mock 'i-hate-you' smile. He, however, looked completely satisfied with himself. "Great minds think alike" He smiled smugly.

"You know what?! Nate you'r-" I began as I took an advancing step towards his shiny new Merc. See how smug his smile is when he comes out of school to see his precious Merc vandalized. Oh, how I tempt myself.

"Nicole..." Lucas warned as he unleashed his death stare on me

I heaved a breath and rolled my eyes at his threatening tone. Brothers can just be so bossy. "Fine I'll get in. Just... arghh. Today sucks" I groaned as I reluctantly threw my backpack into the backseat of the stupid car.

Nate's lips curved up into a smile "What do you want to suck?" he asked hopefully, his green eyes sparkling with anticipation.

"Shut up and drive" I mumbled as I got into the car.

"Sure, I'll ride you to school" He silky voice drawled as he started up the engine.

What could I do but sigh. Its bad enough that I have to face all this jock attitude at home with my brother. Worse that I have to deal with it everyday with this clown. Stupid jocks with their massive egos and tiny brains. Isn't life just peachy when you're surrounded my idiots?

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