Amelia Richardson, the current state senator daughter was not a girl who was used to hearing the words 'No' from the age of five, the petite blonde had always known wishing stars were an everyday occurrence in her life because she always got what she wis


Amelia Richardson, the current state senator daughter was not a girl who was used to hearing the words 'No'. From the age of five, the petite blonde had always known wishing stars were an everyday occurrence in her life because she always got what she wished for. So to have Hayden Benet the local school scuff, refusing to take her to the Spring Dance had almost given her a heart attack.

Amelia let out a little scream of frustration, as she rushed into her room. She ran over to her open window and forcefully slammed it shut. There was a storm outside and the last thing she needed was to have a cold and go to the Spring Dance by herself. She looked at herself in the mirror. Most girls would kill to have her slender physique and beautiful face. To be both a natural blonde and blue-eyed, with lovely tanned skinned skin like hers was a trait that only some girls are lucky enough to get. The fury inside her felt as if it was going to overflow.

She had asked around for any girlfriends or interests, waited for the right time and then crashed and burned. When everyone found out about this her reputation would be in tatters. She pulled out a note which Hayden had sent to her in Geometry a few weeks ago and a blank piece of paper. Instead of doing her homework which was due the next day, she sat on her desk practicing his handwriting, word for word until she got it right. She knew exactly how to get Hayden back.

Amelia giggled to herself as she saw her plan play out in her head, not even noticing sudden drop in temperature. This was due to the fact that her window once closed, was now opened. Nor had she noticed the dark creature hanging from her ceiling waiting for the time to attack. Its dirty dark brown fur clouding out the full power of the light, as it golden eyes burned into the skull of the fickly blonde. Drips of water fell down onto the ground below. One by one until, a small tiny drop fell on the face of Amelia.

"What the…where is this water? …." Amelia muttered before looking up to see the glowing amber eyes of the creature above and letting out an ear-piercing scream.

A rush of security staff busted into the room at the sound of the young girl's screams, only to find the room empty , all the items discarded all over the wet floor and the window opened wide with a small tuff of fur clinging onto the edge. As it danced in the wind's gentle breeze, which had replaced the cold blistering wind of the earlier harsh rain.

Four months later

"Can you believe they still haven't found her?" Stephaney Papoulis, her best friend of four years asked as she read the latest article on the missing Amelia Richardson. The young 15 year old had been missing for several months and yet they had no arrests or even suspects.

"This just goes to show not even political royalty is safe" Sassy-Samantha Martinez- mumbled she continued to force down her homemade cardboard sandwich of tomato and cheese.

"Would you like some chicken?" asked Stephaney offering her some of Mrs Papoulis's famous chicken casserole. Sassy smiled back at her before digging into the warm, appealing meal. She groaned in satisfaction. The only thing her mother could make was…burnt bread with tomato and cheese inside. Turning her attention back to the stale piece of bread, Sassy picked up the sandwich and threw into the closet bin to her.

"But it's like she disappeared into thin air!" Stephaney exclaimed. Running her hands though her messy brunette curls, she struggled to understand the situation. For Stephaney there always had to be a A+ BC, everything had to connect. Sassy smiled at her, as she continued to devour Stephaney's delicious lunch.

"Whatever" Sassy said grabbing the news article to look at the girl. The picture displayed an extremely pretty blonde cheerleader.

"Airhead in training" Sassy laughed "Right Stephy?"

Sassy gasped at her surroundings, no longer was she in the sunny fields eating lunch with friends but in a cold narrow dark hall. Dirty water trickled down the walls and as she walked loud squelching noise echoed through the hall as her shoes soaked up the water. A loud howl echoed through the hall sending a cold chill down her back. She began to breathe heavily as the fear began to sink in. Her asthma pump was no-where in sight and there was only one door in the whole hall. She ran towards the door hoping for a way out of the dark dungeon. She pulled open the door not to find an exit but to find two menacing men looking creatures and a woman.

The men's eyes were a dark gold, long protruding fangs peered out from their mouths and their grey nails were long and thick. The woman on the other hand looked as normal as could be. A simple blonde woman in a cream suit with a suitcase, but what really caught her eye was the frail person who lay on the bed before them. Sassy gasped in horror as she saw the familiar face of Amelia Richardson, pale and unconscious chained to the wall.

"Who are you?" roared one of the men suddenly noticing her presence. Sassy let out a scream of pure horror.

"Wake up, wake up!" called out a blurred figure, Sassy clutched her eyes tightly. Maybe if she pretended it was all a dream they would leave her alone. She felt someone or something grabbing her shoulders and forcing her eyes open. Sassy sighed in relief as the blurred figure in front of smoothed out. Stephaney's worried face peering down at her.

"Samantha, you had me worried" Stephaney said hugged her tightly 2 the ambulance took forever to come after you passed out. They think it was probably heat stroke or something. You know this has….."

Sassy shook her head, she knew what she had seen, felt, and heard. But it couldn't be true…could it?

"Sassy, girl what happened to your shoes?" Stephaney asked giving her the half wet converses. Stephaney jumped back and screamed in horror as a dark shiny little spider crawled out of the shoe.

Meanwhile in Washington

"Are you prepared to speak now, Mr Benet?" asked the woman as she circled him. The Hispanic boy sat in the chair glaring at the hard cold floor, his dark curly hair barely covering his glowing amber eyes. The cold metal of cuff digging into his tender skin as he shivered, the florescent orange jumpsuit struggled to barely keep him warm.

"Where is Amelia?"