Wind flows, stroking the tall grass with ethereal fingers; it seems to dance. The calming trickle of a nearby creek appears contralateral to the burning dandelion in the sky. In the distance, two girls sway in the wind, their dresses rippling about them. Melodious laughter rings in the air.

In a fit of giggles, one of the girls collapses, her long, black hair cascades, becoming one with the grass as the green underside takes on a nearly chameleon quality. Her piercing eyes - one grey, one green - stare off. The plaid of her dress circles like a half moon around her.

The other twirls, brown and purple hair spilling about her shoulders. With blinding brilliance, the rays of the sun engulf the stark white dress. She becomes but a cloud gliding across the sky. Her polychromic eyes flicker with carless abandon.

Not too far off, stands a massive rock. At first glance, it appears like any normal boulder, but what these two girls will soon find out, it has the power to change everything they've ever known in a single moment.