Homecoming, 08-09

Homecoming, 08-09

Shining like winter fire,
Is your flaming hair.
As you shake your body,
Without a whim or care.

The soul of sound,
Is a gift to you.
As you dance to melodies,
And forget your blues.

Your favorite phrase,
Is "oh, that's dirty".
As you sing and dance to songs,
Such as "White and Nerdy".

But when the music slows,
And I ask you to dance.
We embrace each other,
And love takes a chance.

I stumble along,
To your noticed grace.
And gaze adoringly,
At such a beautiful face.

To steal someone's breath,
With that coy little smile.
Time stopped in its tracks,
If for only a little while.

And separate ways,
We now must go.
Our rides are here,
And waiting for us, our homes.

But in the heart,
Of this memory.
Our love will remain,
Wild, powerful; free.