Canoe Trip, Sept

Canoe Trip, Sept. 6, 2008

Leaving at six,
From our home.
Start up old Betsy,
And hit that open road.

On the pavement,
Five hours we've traveled.
As, stuck in one van,
Some brains got rattles.

Out on Current River,
Wild and free.
It's you V.S. nature,
The current, and trees.

The youth groups canoes,
All went tip.
You could count the newbie's,
With a flip, flip, flip!

All in all,
We had some fun.
Shared some laughs,
And tossed some puns.

Cold and wet,
We headed back.
A pair of cold feet,
Not one person lacked.

But the fun we had,
Can't be denied.
So if you get the chance to canoe,
I suggest you try.