Kristen Rowe

Kristen Rowe

This is a poem,
Of Kristen Rowe.
Using the info.,
I've found out and known.

They say that she's,
Feminine and girly.
A intelligent blonde,
And a little whirly.

She is the biggest,
Drama queen.
This side of the world,
Has ever seen.

She sings aloud,
The craziest songs.
And takes "Van Polls",
Cause she's a ding-dong.

Obsessed with,
The biggest boy band.
She'd follow the Jonas Brothers,
Across the land.

With a refined attitude,
And a formal smile.
Though uptight and prissy,
Is not her style.

Dressed in spandex,
Toe touches and tumbles.
When gymnastics calls,
She's ready to rumble.

This is a poem,
Using the info. I know.
On the preachers daughter,
Kristen Rowe.