Family, friends, expectations, comparisons.

Family. The fundamental aspect of support and love for you. The culture, the customs, the religion, your home.

Your morals.

Friends. Different cultures. The people who can relate to you in normal age changes. Music, school, dislikes, likes,

Beliefs that contradict what you've been accustomed to.

Few who understand your culture. Some who present new perspectives of what you're accustomed to believing.

Expectations. Your image embodies your family name. You should never forget where you came from and how you have been raised. Whether you fail or succeed, your family has expectations, yet they are the unconditional love for you if needed.

Will you pass on the culture, the customs, and the religion? Do you truly believe in it?

Comparisons. You constantly compare yourself to your friends or even your intimate relationship. Their success, their beliefs, their prestige, their failures, their location, their independence.

Even the old friends that you no longer keep in touch with, you compare every now and then.


Where are you in this combination? The combination that may harmonize or oppose to your background?